Yesterday: A.G. Peeler Sr. and employees of Bamby Bakery

Published 12:00 am Monday, May 19, 2014

Telka Gullett of Salisbury provided this photograph, which came from the late Nell Leonard’s estate. Nell Leonard was married to Bill Leonard, also deceased, who is the third person from the right. This photograph shows the people behind the Salisbury Bakery, which became the Bamby Bakery and Flowers Bakery later in its history. A.G. Peeler Sr. and Mahaley started their bakery in 1905 and continued that partnership until Mahaley’s death in 1950. Peeler and the bakery lived on. Peeler died in August 1971, when he was 95 years old. It’s not known exactly when this photograph was taken, though a good guess would be in the 1930s. Those pictured, left to right, are A.G. Peeler Sr., Douglas Mahaley, Velt Coggins, Catherine Barringer Mahaley (the first female employee), Bill Loin, A.G. Peeler Jr., Wallace Gant, Steve Brockman (rear), Dick Troutman (front), Tom Leonard, Roy Wampler, Melvin Kimball, Logan Hartman, Willie Huffman, Red Julian, Bill Leonard, Sammy Lynch and Milas Partee.