North Hills seniors invest in children in New York

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 4, 2014

North Hills Christian School seniors decided to turn their annual senior trip into a mission trip. Follow the team through daily updates found on the Salisbury Post’s website.

The “Change of Plan Team”, also known as The North Hills Christian School’s senior class, partnered with Promise Ministries International’s 4/14 Outreach Program Friday. The program focuses serving children from the age of four to fourteen years old, when children are the most open and receptive to spiritual and developmental input. The ministry seeks to reach into the world to serve and love this agre group; rescue and deliver children from oppression, deception, depression and destruction; root children in Christ and release them into ministsry where they can bring others to Christ.
Every Saturday, more than 400 children come to the center in Flushing, New York for three hours to participate in free music, atheletic and art classes sponsored by the church. The students are in the class of their choice for 75 minutes that incorporate praise and worship and encouragement for each child.
North Hills’ students each volunteered in their area of expertise. Soccer and basketball players worked with the sports teams. Kevin Mitchell told children Bible stories while dribbling on the basketball court, while Emily Boggs, Natalie Whicker, C.C. Lyerly and Jordan Smith helped students with their jump shots and ball-handling skills. Caitlin Harrison and Cameron Taylor played the piano and guitar for students and helped them tune their instruments. Ilie Moore and Vickie Kehr helped with a pottery class, while Kristen Trivette helped students make self-portraits and decorate the frames. Dakota Rios relived his days of martial arts by helping the taekwondo class. Kelsey Greaves and Jose Jimenez took the lead on teaching the art of ping pong to the children, and Morgan Bowman used her passion for theater to work with students as they practiced for one of their off Broadway performances. Upon completion of the class, the students will have a year-end performance for parents and special guests.
As North Hills’ seniors debriefed about their time with the children, they were reminded of how God always knows what everyone needs and provides for our every need, such as the yarn that Trivette happened to have in her bag when the craft class ran out. God knew a ministry in Flushing, New York would need yarn for their art department. He sent the necessary tools from North Hills Christian School in Salisbury North Carolina, to a ministry in Flushing, New York.

Follow North Hills’ students tomorrow as they share about working with a homeless ministry in Manhattan.