Letters to the editor – Thursday (4-17-14)

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 17, 2014

Working to regain our community
Like many others in our community, I have seen friends and acquaintances wearing red berets. I have seen the advertisements in the Salisbury Post with the red beret icons encouraging people to vote out Jim Sides.
I have also seen the responses of those in the community claiming that these berets are a nod to Che Guevara, the guerrilla fighter that helped the communists overtake Cuba. Do these people not know history? La Resistance is the name used to identify the collection of French resistance movements that fought against the Nazi occupation of France during World War II. The members of the resistance had representation from all economic strata and political affiliations of the French society.
From discussions with these friends and acquaintances, it is clear to me, that La Resistance, the 2014 movement in Rowan County, was started by Rowan citizens who are disenfranchised with the direction of the local Republican Party. It is no mystery that this group of citizens was not alone in their distaste of Commissioners Jim Sides and Craig Pierce, which led to the group’s growth which includes members of all political parties and independents.
It appears to me that this is a group focused on electing candidates that will recruit new businesses to the area. It appears to me that this group wants to elect candidates that will work with the school board to raise the levels of the schools and the education in our community. It appears to me that this group wants to elect candidates that will not spend and tax the constituents, out of spite, by doing things like buying a dilapidated old mall.
As for me, I see them more like the French resistance of World War II, working together to win back control of their community from totalitarian rule.
— Tripp Edwards

Daddy ball?
I used to love middle school sports when athletes actually had to prove themselves. I am not quite sure when it had taken that turn to Mommy and Daddy ball. In certain counties it has become somewhat of a joke with how the kids are taught. Not all middle schools are like this but it is obvious which ones are. The integrity has been taken out of the game and maybe it is not always the schools’ fault since they cannot afford actual coaches.
I do have faith in the high schools and their athletic directors. They are the ones who have the burden to help the athletes who could not get the proper help in middle school.
To be fair, not all of the kids need daddy ball, but the parents that play that game are only hurting their child. It is too bad when the school turns a blind eye to the problems they have, Maybe that is why they are in the shape they are in.
I don’t have a problem speaking my mind and don’t worry about any repercussions. I hope the schools will see the problems and make corrections before they lose more students to other districts.
— Mark Vall