Letters to the editor — Monday (4-14-2013)

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 14, 2014

Belated congratulations to the North Rowan Cavaliers men’s basketball team for a phenomenal season!
Under the superb leadership of Coach Andrew Mitchell, along with dedicated assistants Bill Kesler and Tim Bates, this team exceeded far beyond anyone’s imagination during the playoffs. After producing another winning regular season and capturing the conference crown, they fought their way ferociously to the state championship game. Their competition included some of the state’s top-ranked teams, but the Cavs defied their underdog status as they kept their eyes on the prize and marched toward their date with destiny.
Mike Connor Jr. was the team’s go-to man, often leading his team to one remarkable victory after another. Floor captain Jalen Sanders always performed beyond his sophomore-year status. Mike Bowman, beast that he is, often proved that the paint was his personal territory, using his wide frame to skillfully attack on both ends of the court. Kenyon Tatum dunked with such ease and frequency, one would think he’d been practicing since kindergarten. And big man Dalton Nelson made the right contributions at the right time, doing his part to ensure that his team would bow to no one in its quest to bring the championship trophy back to Spencer and Rowan County.
Although the Cavs lost in the title game, they didn’t go down without a fight. And they still managed to emerge as champions! How? Because practically no one predicted they would make it as far as they did. Plus, when you add the fact that these young men endured harassment, ridicule, racism and downright mistreatment and were still able to walk out of the gym without giving rebuttal and with their heads held high, this proves all the more that they truly possess the character of a champion. Trophy or no trophy, win or lose, this team demonstrated true championship qualities from the beginning of the season to the end.
Congratulations again, Cavaliers, on a job well done.
— Craig Thomas

I was impressed with the coverage of the NCAA basketball championship.
Let me rephrase that, I was impressed with the coverage of the NCAA men’s basketball championship.
The coverage of the women’s NCAA basketball championship was lost below the fold, obscure to all with an interest in women’s sports. The inequality still demonstrated by almost all colleges in money and time in the male-dominated college sports arena is so apparent, but not to the press …
The national dialogue today concerns women’s right to equal pay. What about equal press?
Is diminishing and relegating the coverage of women’s sports achievement to small, below-the-fold coverage elevating men’s achievement?
Connecticut’s victory was its ninth NCAA basketball championship to date, capping an undefeated season. After making it through “Selection Sunday,” entering into “March Madness,” “Breaking through the Brackets,” making the “Sweet Sixteen,” the “Elite Eight” and the “Final Four,” the team finally beat the other No. 1 seed that had an undefeated season, by a margin far greater than their male counterparts in a previous game. Their effort and achievement is a testament to a truly deserving program and team.
Come on into the 21st century and address your changing market.
It may be a man’s world, but it would be nothing without a woman and a girl.
— W.F. “Bill” Smith

County Commissioner Jim Sides believes that he is still the favorite among the majority of Rowan County voters. I personally find it very scary that, No. 1, he believes it and, No. 2, that it could be possible. Mr. Sides and his minions have had sway over Rowan County for too long. The county spent $3.5 million for a mall that we did not need and then there are constant arguments with the school board and the city of Salisbury about the central office and the needs of our school system. Now I hear a mall tax is coming? Wow! New taxes and the tea party are not supposed to be synonymous. Could this be why Mr. Sides is not a tea party favorite son? It’s time for a change! I personally will not vote for any incumbent, either in the primaries or the election.
— Richard Gould
Do we want our city and county to be another Detroit? The cities and states having financial problems are controlled by Democrats. Salisbury might not raise taxes, but they call it fees. The fee is a tax but unable to be deducted from the taxes.
Democrats don’t want voter ID. Why not? They say it will hurt minorities, but at the same time, if IDs are required to get freebies, they can get the ID. Why oppose the ID law? Is it because of people not being able to pose as dead people and vote or people voting more than once in an election? Now they are asking Democrats to change their voter registration to unaffiliated so they can vote in the Republican primaries. They should only be able to vote for unaffiliated candidates. Why are Democrats so sneaky? So they can get their way.
Jesus said the goats are on the left and the sheep on the right. It is so true today.
Liberals want this county to be like New York, Chicago, Detroit and California so the government can bail them out.
Liberals want large government, gun control, plus their liberal agenda. The unions were good at one time, but now they are destroying America.
It’s so sickening to hear people say we did it this way up North. If the North is so good, why not move back?
I’ve never considered myself a member of the tea party, but in my heart, I am tea party all the way.
Liberals, wake up; your sins are destroying this nation. The Democrats don’t follow the Constitution or God’s word. I cannot understand how Democrats can say they are Christian and not follow the Bible. They approve of abortion and gay rights, which God’s word says is an abomination to God.
It’s not too late to get your heart right with God.
God bless our nation, state, county and the city of Salisbury.
— Roby Snider

Harry Reid of Nevada is trying to confiscate the land and cattle of the Bundy ranching family for his own profit. I am happy to say that the eyes of America are now on him, thanks to vigilant conservative reporters who dug for the truth. Oh, by the way, the ChiComs are partners with him.
Information for the people who voted for Obama: Harry Reid is a Democrat, a senator from Nevada and the majority leader of the United States Senate. I doubt more than 25 percent of Obama voters are aware of who he is or what he does.
— Steve Owen