Voters want to know county’s plan

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 7, 2014

In a few weeks, probably less than 10 percent of Rowan County’s voting population will decide how we want to be governed and who will provide the leadership to take us in that direction in the next two years. Yes, just a few thousand of us determine who will lead us.
Where will we go economically? The all-too-numerous empty manufacturing buildings and parking lots in the county and empty store fronts on Main Street show that we’re not exactly in an economic boom. Our growth is stagnant, possibly worse. If there’s any growth at all it’s in banking and drug stores. Try to find a street corner without one!
What will happen to us when our future brightest and skilled workers and our future college grads leave our county for greater opportunities and higher salaries? Why? Because the jobs they will seek are simply not available here.

Ironically, it’s we who spend our millions to educate them, but other states and counties will receive the benefits of their knowledge. We could have great jobs, but they won’t come as long as our county leadership continues to do everything possible to prevent them from coming. Is this what you want? Well, that’s what you’re getting.
Education here is another major problem. Our teachers are underpaid, buildings are falling apart and the county leadership does nothing about it except to argue with the Rowan-Salisbury School System and city of Salisbury leadership, accomplishing nothing. They won’t agree on anything.
Will we vote to allow the never-ending war the county has with RSS and the city of Salisbury? Is it not the time to finally end this nonsense and have some harmony between them?
Divided we fail. ‘Tis time for maturity, respect and getting along with each other, even if it hurts.

What about our county’s direction. What are its (our) goals? Our priorities? Do we have any? It appears the county commission is more interested in the issue of prayer than moving the county forward. Praying is OK; it’s the time and taxpayers’ money being wasted on the issue when other things far more important have to be done. As of right now, what are our local government’s goals? Does anyone know? Shouldn’t we know before voting?
Our county, unfortunately, has its problems. It could be a better place for all of us, young and old. It won’t be accomplished, however, if we fail to elect leaders who will carry us forward, not to decline or in stagnation. Hopefully a huge turnout of our citizens will vote for progress.
It’s easy to understand that many in the county prefer no-growth and low taxes and will vote that way. Most are probably the retired and elderly on fixed incomes and can’t afford higher taxes.
But we have to face the fact that most of us have children and grandchildren; we want them to be successful in their lives and to achieve a decent standard of living, better than our own. Our selfishness has already put them in debt by at least $56,000 by allowing our federal government to go $17 trillion in debt. They will have to pay it back in the form of higher taxes and reduced benefits like Social Security.

Holding back the county holds back our children. And that leads them to poverty. Are you willing to do this to them or will you help them? They deserve the best teachers, education, job opportunities and decent salaries with local leaders working in harmony with each other for them and the rest of us.
Please vote for our kids, not ourselves.
Donald Schumacher lives in Rowan County.

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