Letters to the editor – Sunday (4-6-2014)

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 6, 2014

Don’t be so sure about family burial plot
All churches search for creative ways to raise money, especially in this economy. After all, you can only sell so many hot dogs and chicken pies.
But imagine your surprise if you are the “next of kin” responsible for the funeral of a relative who had a long-standing burial site at the family plot still owned by the progressive and still active home church. Only now you are being told the church “took back” these sites because no names were designated for their use and now this site will have to be “re-bought” at today’s price. It does not matter that Mom and Dad bought this cemetery space 50+ years ago and bought spaces for ALL the family members — it now has to be purchased again.
Is this even legal? Can they take back and resell cemetery plots? If you think you have an eternal place of rest beside your mom/dad or husband/wife you need to call your church to be sure, and you better have that 50-plus-year-old receipt to prove you belong there.
I know my mom and dad are rolling over in their graves.
— Judy McDaniel

U.S. Constitution is magnificent
Wow! I thought I put forth provocative subjects in my writings. Mr. Tom Hervey’s letter of April 1 (“Modest proposal,” which called for burning the Constitution), will no doubt result in the need for a semi truck to deliver the partisan mail that surely will follow his remarks.
I carefully read and reread his letter trying to ascertain if he was a hopeful Democrat or a sarcastic conservative. His writing, being ambiguous, I could not come to a conclusion as to his party affiliation. There is, however, one suggestion to Mr. Hervey. Be it your true belief or sarcasm , our Constitution is not, nor ever should be, the subject of ridicule.
It may not be perfect, but I defy you, search as you may, to find, throughout all human history, a political belief committed to individual freedom as is written in this magnificent document.
— Philip DeBenedictis