Quilting Ministry at Sacred Heart Court 1759 celebrates 10 years

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 5, 2014

Have you ever heard of the Quilting Ministry at Sacred Heart Court 1759?
They are a very talented group of ladies dedicated to faithfully helping with the sewing and creation of quilts for various organizations in the Sacred Heart church community and also several other local organizations in Salisbury.
They are celebrated their 10th anniversary last month.
During this time, they have created quilts for Room at the Inn in Charlotte; shut-ins and the ill of the parish; for Sister Mary Robert for the ministry she supports; for the Pregnancy Support Center in Salisbury; for the battered women’s shelter and, most recently, the Veterans Affairs Medical Center Hospice Unit.
In addition, the quilting ladies have recently completed several lap quilts for the Oncology Department at the VA Medical Center to be used when treating our veteran patients.
The women of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church quilters are Diane Bruendl, Shelley Lenhausen, Ellen Waterworth, Phyllis Renn, Ruth Bowles, Irene Grigoletti, Monica Alfonsi, Janet Buige and Vickie Kotlarz.
We are so very blessed to have these ladies work tirelessly every week at Diane Bruendl’s home, which she provides the sewing facility and fabric for these beautiful quilts.
Thanks especially to Diane and to all of the ladies for their support over the past 10 years and congratulations for all you do to show our love and support for those in need in Sacred Heart Church and our Salisbury community!
God Bless you all and your hard work.