It’s important to be part of the body

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 22, 2014

Disclaimer — this is not about tithing!

We all like to think we are doing great, we are giving our 10 percent, we are serving as a greeter, usher or working in the nursery every week.
Well, what happens the rest of the week? Are we a major part of the body or a minor part? We are all as Christians considered to be part of the body. The body of Christ. Do you see yourself as a major part of the body? Or do you think of yourself as “only a little toe?” Even a little toe plays a major part. The little toe helps to balance us. We all need balance in our lives, as we all, being the body of Christ, need balance as well.
You see, no matter what part we see ourself as, the body cannot function at its full capacity without us the rest of the week. If we are only active on Sundays or only while at church, then we are really not being part of the body; we are being more like a crutch or help in some way to the body when we only participate once a week.
How do we serve Christ the rest of the week? Do we bless others at every opportunity? Do we only give our 10 percent and maybe a little more for some special fundraiser at church, and then think we have done our duty?
Do we see a need in someone and like the Pharisee, the Priest, pass on by without stopping to see if we may be able to assist that part of the body? Do we only help those who are church members at our church or even only those who are in our clique at church?
Do we see a need and think, someone else will help them, when it is outside the four walls of our church building?
You see, as a part of the body of Christ, this is not just about giving our tithes and offerings, serving at every opportunity inside the walls of our church building? This is about functioning as one outside the building. This is about being the best part of the body of Christ. This is about being more than a little toe, this is about being the strength of the body.
Let me ask you this. Do you only feed yourself once a week? No, because physically you have to eat more than one day a week or you would eventually weaken to the point of death, and you would no longer be.
We, the church (not the building where you go on Sundays) but the body of Christ has to be fed more than once a week as well. If we only did the things Christ asked us to do once a week, and only inside our four walls, then what do you think the body would look like after a few days of no substance, no nutrition.
Answer: a very weak body. A body that people would not look up to, a body that people would think less of, a body that would hold no encouragement for others.
It is time for Christians to wake up and get educated on how to take care of their body. How to exercise when needed, how to eat healthy things. I am talking about the body of Christ, not your physical body (although you need to pay attention to that as well).
It is time we be the best we can be, whether it is a little toe or the strongest muscle in the body. It is time the body of Christ be recognized all week long, no matter where we are, that people will see and want what we have. Strength, Courage, Blessings, and above all else LOVE in Christ Jesus. AMEN! Where can we find the answers to being the healthiest part of the body of Christ?

Luke 10 v 29-37.
Neta Monroe lives in Salisbury. Read more of her work at