Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 20, 2014

Millbridge Elementary School announces the February Good Citizens.
Kindergarten — Zoey Bost, Evan Cox, Gavin Harrington, Emma Guy, Hailee Bryant, Eli Guffey, Jaden Overman, Sarah Fisher
First grade — Savannah Harrington, Bryson Frieze, Aiden Wojciechowski, Sophia Blackledge, Joel Mills, Grace Bostian, Jason Brown, Hannah Stamper
Second grade — Izaieh Tarlton, Hailey Holdren, Peyton Lyles, Hailey Joyner, Josiah Webster, Gretchen Benfield, Dejuante Brown, Michael Darby, Gabrielle Shook
Third grade — Emma Berg, Tresean Ratliff, Ava Huffman, Jody Roach, Alondra Tamayo, Martin Whitson, Zain English, Rylie Linn
Fourth grade — Joseph James, Daimien Helm, McGuire Caudill, McKinley Faw, Tamaria Rhyne, Emmanuel Amezquita-Cordosa, Ryelli Casper, John Freeman
Fifth grade — Harrison Shell, Bella Crespo, Alex Stirewalt, Jordan Beaver, Kaydee Lefler, Hunter Watts, Lizzette Mejia-Angeles, Alma Cruz
Rowan-Salisbury Schools Transportation Department has recognized the following employees for exemplary service as bus drivers for the month of March. A bus driver must adhere to all the duties and responsibilities set forth by the Rowan-Salisbury Schools Transportation Department and is nominated by their bus coordinator for this honor each month.
North area — Josh Farmer, North Rowan Elementary School, Bus 56
East area — Marion “Ed” Vincent, Morgan Elementary School, Bus 119
West area — Lexi Davis, Mt. Ulla Elementary School, Bus 328
South area — LeAnne Weast — Landis Elementary School, Bus 194
Salisbury area — Michael Vorherr — Salisbury High School, Knox Middle School, Bus 317
— Alfredia Dixon, Bus 28
— James Dennewitz, unit-wide
Knollwood Elementary School announces its February Knights of Character. One student is selected from each class every month to be recognized for a character trait. The character trait for February is determination. These students will be presented with a certificate and attend the quarterly social.
Ashley Medina Hernandez, Alondra Acevedo-Roque, James Gardner, Daquaqvius Thompson, Stephanie Morales, Tierney Tolon, Mia George, Almedin Muskic, Mia Para-Cordero, Hugo Castellanos, Sherlyn Chanez-Bustillo, Owen Sanchez-Vaquero, Denise Cruz, Gabrielle Wood, Mason Hollar, Janaysia White, Keyry Gonzales, Jaquelin Segundo-Escobar, T.J. Jones, Destiny Miller, Marely Araujo, Dion McHenry, Hilda Escobar, Areli Fontes, Deysi Solis Segundo, Chloe Matthews, Arianna Aguilar-Ortiz, Ivan Mercado, Jeffrey Moreno Avila, Jeremy Allman, Vanezza Arzate, Erik Morales-Hernandez, Chris Hidalgo-Hernandez, Brynn Sokolowski, Haley Boyd
Legion of Valor Bronze Cross for Achievement ROTC Award was presented to Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Simon Connolly.
The Legion of Valor of the United States of America, Inc., to stimulate development of leadership, gives an award annually for achievement of scholastic excellence in military and academic subjects.
This award, a bronze cross and certificate, is awarded to an outstanding Junior class cadet. The number of awards authorized is one for each 4,000 cadets enrolled within an Army JROTC, plus one additional award for each fraction of that.
Cadet Cheyanne Pall was recently promoted to the rank of Cadet Lieutenant Colonel and assumed command of the NRHS JROTC Cavalier Battalion. The North Rowan High School provided color guard support for the quarterly Military Officer Association of American on March 10 at the Rufty-Holmes Senior Center.
The Color Guard element consisted of five cadets: Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Dylan Benfield, officer in charge; Tremon Massey, left rifle; Melissa Lore, American flag; Elizabeth Hunt, North Carolina flag; and Cadet Jacob Mowbray, right rifle.
Cadets participated in North Rowan High School’s freshman orientation on March 13, providing an overview of the North Rowan’s JROTC program. They served as escorts for new students and their family members.
The North Rowan High School JROTC provided Color Guard support for the J.C. Price Post 107 American Legion on March 15. Post 107 was celebrating the 95th Anniversary of the American Legion.
Sacred Heart Catholic School announces its all-A honor roll for the second trimester.
Fourth grade — Grace Blackwell, Ben Childress, Colin Donaldson, Sophia Malloy, Ella Trainor, Sutton Webb, Will Webb
Fifth grade — Caroline Cardelle, Josh Klein, Katy Klein
Sixth grade — Brody Dillon
Seventh grade — Olivia Dagenhart, Jack Fisher, Mary Sobataka
Eighth grade — Alex Antosek, Gemma Brown, Elly Burks, Michael Childress, Keegan Dillon, Rachel Harrison, Julia Honeycutt, Zach Huddleston, Grace Kellicut, Johnson Huynh, Mary McCullough, Miriam Roy, Leah Wyrick