Letters to the editor — Wednesday (3-19-2014)

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Everyone is creative. Everyone is gifted and talented.
It is evident that we possess the power to invent whenever we get into a stressful situation. Only at this point is the true test of our tolerance. Our ability at solving problems with creative ideas that come when you need it most. But when we wait for poverty, the mother of invention, it may be too late.
We can stretch the imagination through proper exercise that the arts can give us. We can develop a strength that will come to our aid at will. Creative intuition is the ability to see down the road with imagination to avoid bad relations with others or a negative situation. Those who possess creative intuition will be successful at whatever they desire. The power, the force, the creative imagination is with you.
What this all means is that you must be an opportunist. To be able to be in the places and with the people who do you the most good — the resource people. Go to the museums, the theater. Listen to good music. Quality is all around us. All we have to do is reach out. These are the things that are going to set you off in a positive direction. Our minds are like computers, what we put in we get out … do nothing, get nothing. Join the fantasy. It will transport you into the subconscious where a wealth of experience has been stored up just waiting for you to tap into. Test your recall through the arts and a vivid imagination may emerge as individual as your fingerprint. Exercise a unique ability that only you possess. Develop a keen sensitivity to make proper value judgment.
Celebrate the idea of your individuality. Go do something creative. Go do something fantastic.
— Robert R. Toth

Robert Toth is a sculptor who lives in Salisbury.

If we were forming North Carolina’s government in the technology rich present, we’d say, “How can our constituents be aware of what we’re doing here in Raleigh?” One obvious answer would be to televise the General Assembly sessions. I tried this in 2007 with my Senate bill 1220, “NC SPAN,” which was cosponsored by now State Treasurer Janet Cowell, among others. This is “Sunshine Week” for advocates of open government. Suggest to your legislator that she become a TV star!
— Eddie Goodall

This is a community-by-community nationwide celebration of the Meals on Wheels programs that keep our senior neighbors healthy and happy. So, move over March Madness, because with this march, everybody wins!
Meals on Wheels, a Rowan County United Way Agency, participates in this National “March for Meals” campaign. This is an annual campaign intended to increase public awareness, recruit new volunteers, and increase local fundraising. As part of our campaign we are including a component called “Community Champions.” We have dedicated the week of March 17 as Community Champions week. Community Champions are being invited to ride along with our volunteers and deliver meals. Monday is elected officials; Tuesday — pastors; Wednesday — school officials; Thursday — health-care workers; and Friday — business professionals.
Some of the champions were not able to work out their schedules. However, because of their desire to support our efforts, they are dedicating another time to deliver meals during March. Be sure to “like” us on Facebook to see our community champions.
— Rita Sims
Rita Sims is the executive director of Meals on Wheels of Rowan, Inc.
Do you believe that Barack Obama is a crook ruling over a vast criminal empire? If so, you are correct.
Nixon was forced to resign over secret wiretapping at one office in the Watergate complex. Obama has collected data on hundreds of millions of communications by phone and computer. What hasn’t he taped?
How much money has he extorted from you for taxes — and for what?
How many have lost homes due to his unholy alliance with Wall Street and mega-banks?
How many have been victims of crimes due to his failing to catch and control criminals? How many lost their jobs due to illegal immigrants or jobs being exported or lost due to his restrictions?
Now, he and his mob are pushing a protection racket known as Obamacare. Many will have a bronze policy with a $6,000 deductible.
Other outrages committed by Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder include: Not prosecuting some drug dealers; pushing for release of drug dealers and other criminals from prison; releasing thousands of illegal immigrants from jail; refusing to arrest and deport millions more.
Now he wants felons to be able to vote, apparently needing them for the next election. Birds of a feather flocking together?
With such a criminal career, small wonder “Barry” Obama needed aliases. It is enough to make another Chicago gangster, Al Capone, smile if not blush.
Finally, seeking to protect his criminals, he seeks to restrict gun ownership by honest Americans. Hail to the chief (criminal)!
— W.F. Owens