Published 12:00 am Monday, March 17, 2014

Real estate transfers filed since March 1 in the office of Register of Deeds Harry L. Welch Jr. with sale price indicated by revenue stamps. (Deeds with no stamps are not listed.)
Francis Campbell and wife to Elaine J. Peppriell, $63,000
JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A. To Tashina Mahatha, $123,500
David C. Wright and wife to James T. Hildreth and wife, $13,000
Worth Webster and wife to Jacob A. Stirewalt, $440,000
Deborah L. Hale as executor of estate to Steve Ruggles, $16,000
Steve Ruggles and wife to Jet Property Investments LLC, $20,000
Kevin J. Wright and wife to Angela O. Eller, $145,000
Marc Lomartire and wife to Johnny D. Perry, $63,000
Johnny H. Page to Jessica L. Clarke, $50,000
Crystal Deadmon Livengood to Adam Matthew Westmoreland, $5,000
Robert A. Severt, Jr. and wife to Colonial Pipeline Co., $36,000
Daryl Guy Christy and spouse to Smart Energy Investments LLC, $17,000
Darvin D. Pethel and Tana B. Pethel to Matthew A. Hall, $130,000
Matthew B. Trier and Patricia D. Carson to Jason P. Wise, $60,000
Mark Anthony Reed to Reid H. Shaver, $142,000
Rogers Townsend and Thomas PC to M&T Bank, $32,500
David Lambert and wife to North Carolina Railroad Company, $500
John D. Eckard and wife to Bret E. Johnson and wife, $10,000
Larry K. Stirewalt and wife to the Department of Transportation, $5,000
Jonathan O. Eddy and Tracy Powers Eddy to Troy Cleveland Spratling and wife, $695,000
Ronzella Wingate Carr and husband to Thurman L. Hyman and wife, $74,500
Rondall N. Shirley and wife to Thomas Luther Garver and wife, $1,000
Carl D. Moore and wife to Justin L. Tilley and wife, $125,000
True Homes LLC to Marie L. Russo, $122,000
Visionary Investors Group, LLC to Bansi LLC, $160,000
Pat L. Dean and wife to Gene T. Lomax and wife, $105,000
Thurman L. Hyman and wife to Juan Hinojosa and wife, $80,000
CitiFinancial Services Inc. by Olympus Asset Management Inc. as attorney in fact to Lloyd Allen Welter and Barbara Anne Welter, $28,000
China Grove 152 LLC to Shea Investment Fund I LLC, $112,000
Kesler Property Management LLC to Lucas W. Merrell, D.D.S., P.A., $200,000
Terri Shirley Ziegler and husband to Justin D. Frazier and wife, $110,000
Jan S. Starr to Francisco Varela, $57,000
First Troy SPE LLC to Luis I. Crespo, $25,000
Bank of the Ozarks to Michael Chad White and wife, $35,000
Trustee Services of Carolina LLC as substitute trustee to Wells Fargo Bank N.A., $76,000
Aaron Minehart Construction Inc. to Ken Kellis Builders Inc., $20,000
Jennifer Lancaster to Household Realty Corp., $57,000
Trustee Services of Carolina LLC as substitute trustee to Wells Fargo Bank N.A., $79,500
Debra Collins and husband and Ezell Torrence to Christiana Trust, $113,000
Oakenshield Developers LLC to Todd Mitchell Bittle and wife, $236,000
Barbara Jean Dillon Hicks and others to Grayson Phillips, $100,000
Trustee Services of Carolina LLC as substitute trustee to Christiana Trust, $126,500
Kenneth B. West and wife to Kurt M. Stukbauer and wife, $349,000
Shawn A. Campion and wife to Brian A. Sides and wife, $194,000
Lee Anne Huffstetler as executor of estate to Tempie Christine Wells, $130,000
PK Real Estate Services Inc. to Randall Tyler Brooks and wife, $88,000
Louise Nelson to Terrill W. Dunning and wife, $141,000
Richard Ralph Powlas Jr. and wife and others to Kevin Earnhardt and Hal Earnhardt, $59,000
John A. Kluttz and wife to Glenna B. Kluttz, $500
Belle Realty Development Co. and A.H. Inc to Donald W. Isaman and wife, $15,000
Poore Substitute Trustee LTD as substitute trustee to The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Co. N.A., $53,000
TrusteeServices of Carolina LLC as substitute trustee to JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A., $41,000
Wayne O. Hauck, III and wife to Ralph Collier Young Jr., $275,000
The Ford Firm PLLC, as substitute trustee to U.S. Bank Trust N.A., as trustee, $93,000
The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Co. N.A. as trustee to William Troy Medlin, $98,000
Ohio Investments LLC to John R. Martin and wife, $82,000
Oakenshield Developers LLC to Ken Kellis Builders Inc., $19,500
Julie Caudill and others to Katherine P. Massey, $58,000
Jeffrey S. Lassiter and wife to Donald Johnson and wife, $119,500
Clay Keith Stroud and wife to David C. Rowland, $76,500
Margaret M. Cauble and husband to Robin Spry Hengel and husband, $122,000
Premier Holding Co. LLC to A. Joseph Strickland and wife, $285,000
Barbara R. Floyd to Mark Hendrickson and wife, $167,000
Spencer Lane Construction LLC to James D. Gandy and wife, $500
Spencer Lane Construction LLC to Rosemary Sokolowski, $500
Spencer Lane Construction LLC to Barbara T. Link, $500
Cecil M. Farrington, Jr. and wife to James Charles Francis Walker and wife, $9,000
Tracy R. Coble and wife to Rivka Yael Darwactor, $93,000
Barbara M. Collins and others as co-executors of estate to Michael Miller and Robert Miller, $83,000
Tailemenee M. Kwekeh and Ether B. Kwekeh to Christiana Trust, $169,000
Jerry L. Goodale and wife to Nina Turner, $218,000
James A. Davis and wife to Jason Lee Huffman and wife, $470,000
Farmers & Merchants Bank to Rochelle Powell and husband, $60,000
Gladys Hawkes to Martha Clearly, $4,000
Rainy Day Investments LLC to J.E. Fisher, Jr., $48,000
Barbara M. Senter to John W. Powler and wife, $350,000
Park Sterling Bank to Carolina Eagle L.P., $278,000
Hutton Growth Salisbury LLC to Cole MT Salisbury (Wallace Commons II) NC, LLC, $11,165,000
State Employees’ Credit Union to SECU*RE Inc., $10,500
Wesley E. Taylor to Geraldine S. Blevins, $55,000
Agne Kakavitsas and husband and Badike Rrapaj to Rhonda Kerns, $5,500
Maryl K. Walters to Bank of America N.A., $103,500
John D. Eckard and wife and others to Bret E. Johnson and wife, $155,000
Watkins Agency Inc. to YYZ, LLC, $225,000
Clyde B. Mickle Jr. and wife and others to George L. Free, $63,000
Habitat for Humanity of Rowan County, North Carolina, Inc. to Patricia Jeanette Watkins, $101,000
John T. Austin, Sr. and wife and others to Agia Theodosia, LLC., $400,000
L. Ragan Dudley as substitute trustee to Park Sterling Bank, $247,000
Grady I. Ingle as substitute trustee to The Cognato Group LLC, $18,000
Betty P. Gregory as trustee to Jessica A. Vess and husband, $62,500
HSBC Mortgage Services Inc. to Randy J. Johnson Jr., $14,000
EH Pooled 912 LP to Zelma Louise Davis, $17,000
Paul E. Sigmon II to Charles C. Myers, $62,000
Donna Poole as executor of estate to Glen Albracht and wife, $40,000
Albert J. McCracken and wife to Joshua Darby and wife, $88,000
Glen Goodrum to Excellence Realty of the Carolinas, Inc., $25,000
Jerry V. Long and wife to Innes Street Properties, LLC, $70,000
Arthur L. Davis and wife to Jacob E. Fisher, Jr., $150,000
John T. Spruyt to Stone Financing, LLC, $222,000
The Bank of New York Mellon as trustees to Mary M. Settle and Donald Settle, Sr., $110,500
Jacob E. Fisher Jr. and wife to Fisher Farm Trust, Benjamin H. Bridges III as trustee, $540,000
G. Robert Turner III as substitute trustee to Sharonview Federal Credit Union, $60,500
Spencer Lane Construction LLC to Eulalia Conrad, $500
Tamar A. Fleming as substitute trustee to VantageSouth Bank, $80,500
John W. Fletcher III as substitute trustee to CommunityOne, N.A., $201,000
Diane Smith Rodgers and husband to Brian D. Mayo and wife, $160,000
James Adam Cook and wife to Stephen Adam Church and wife, $100,000
Arthur K. Decesare and wife to Sidney R. Dickerson and wife, $535,000
Teresa Whitaker to Timothy V. Bryd, $4,000