Salisbury men charged with assault

Published 12:00 am Monday, March 10, 2014

Three Salisbury men were arrested over the weekend and charged with misdemeanor assault on a female. The incidents were not related.
Bruce Robert Enos, Jr., 33, is accused of jerking a woman’s purse out of her hands and pushing her to the floor twice, then pushing her in a closet and refusing to let her out. The woman had visible bruising on her arms from where he allegedly grabbed her. The incident happened Saturday.
Anthony Jeramine Holloway, 28, was arrested for an incident that happened Nov. 14, in which he reportedly choked a woman with his hands and punched her about the head with his fists. The woman sustained facial and scalp contusions from the incident.
Rufus Smith, 53, was accused of pushing a woman to the floor on March 1.
None of the men’s bonds have been set yet, they will be set at separate bond hearings.