Former legislator Klusman files for commissioner seat

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 27, 2014

A 12-year veteran of the Wisconsin State Legislature is one of the many Republicans who have filed to pursue a seat on the Rowan County Board of Commissioners this election.

Judy Klusman, 57, walked into the county’s Board of Elections office on the first day of filing to put in her bid.

“I believe the current leadership of the county is being irresponsible to our taxpayers. I also believe they are much more about serving themselves than they are about serving the people,” Klusman said. “My experience thus far is that they come up with an idea, drop it on the people, have maybe one public hearing and then ram it through.”

Members of the community do not have a true opportunity to participate in the discussion, Klusman said.

Klusman said her time serving in the Wisconsin State Legislature has prepared her well for a commissioner role.

“I love the people here. They are wonderful and are very proud of their community and the history here,” Klusman said.

Bringing in jobs and fostering economic development also is of utmost importance to the future of Rowan County, Klusman said.

“If a prospective (employer) comes into our community, you want to roll out the welcome mat, be warm and supporting to help show off the community and tell them why they should locate here,” Klusman said.

Semi-retired as a Lutheran pastor and self-described as a “full-time volunteer,” Klusman said she spends her time helping at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore of Rowan County, Rowan Helping Ministries and Saving Grace Farm.

Klusman also volunteers as a victim advocate with the Family Crisis Council of Rowan County and often preaches at Lutheran churches in her spare time to give pastors a break.

Klusman has two adult sons.

“What I learned in the legislature is that we need to collaborate, cooperate and communicate,” Klusman said. “I don’t see that happening with the current leadership, especially when it comes to having a working relationship with the school board. That is one of the more glaring issues.”