Time to prepare for Dogwood tourney

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 7, 2014

Last week was a very good week for Salisbury bridge. Both games were well attended and full of fun. Let’s keep it up. As good hosts for the Dogwood tournament February 21-23, it’s time to think about what each of us can bring for refreshments. Any contributions are gratefully accepted. We are trying to provide more vegetables and fruit, and cheese of any kind goes over well. We still need chips and dips, brownies and cakes and cookies. If you have a favorite munchie, go for it! We are known for our refreshments and hospitality. I know we can uphold our reputation. Thanks in advance for your help.
Friday, January 31 winners were: N/S First, Gloria Bryant and Judy Hurder; second, Carol Bachl and Judy Gealy; third, Marie Pugh and Loyd Hill. E/W First, David and Anna Goff; second, BettyBonner Steele and Becky Creekmore; third, Pat Macon and Patsy Reynolds.
Tuesday, February 4 winners were: First, Dick Brisbin and Betty Bills; second, Gloria Bryant and Wayne Pegram; third, Harold and Carol Winecoff.
The featured board is # 14 from Evergreen. No one vulnerable East dealer. East, with 11 points could choose to open 1 or 2 Spades. If East opens 2S, South will double to make partner bid. West passes and North, having 5 Spades, chooses to pass leaving the double in. East goes down 2. If East opens 1 Spade and South says 2 Hearts, West passes, North passes, East says 2 Spades, South says 3 Hearts and all pass. South goes down.
This was one of many mismatched hands this day. The Hurder/Bryant pair had the best N/S score setting East’s 2S*E 2 tricks, while the Rimers had the best E/W score setting N/S’s 3HS 3tricks.

S K 9 8 7 6
H 9 5
D J T 9
C A J 4

S Q 5 S A J T 4 3 2
H K Q 7 2 H 4 3
D 8 7 5 D A Q 6
C T 8 3 2 C 9 6

H A J T 8 6
D K 4 3 2
C K Q 7 5