Love Ministries to hold fundraiser luncheon

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 7, 2014

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to remember that love is something that should be expressed every day, to everyone you meet. At least, that’s what Patricia Wilson believes. And this year, the 80-year-old founder of Love Ministries, is making sure that the people of Rowan County know they’re cared for — especially if they have no one else to tell them.
Love Ministries, an independent organization run by Wilson, raises money to provide clothing, food, school supplies and emergency aid to those in need.
This year, Wilson is hosting a luncheon fundraiser on Saturday, Feb. 15, at Holy Tabernacle of Jesus Christ at 325 Malcolm Road. The theme, she said will be love.
“It shouldn’t be only at Valentine’s Day — it should be all the time,” Wilson said.
Wilson has been running Love Ministries since 1981. Back then, she was a school teacher in Philadelphia.
“I saw the need of young people suffering and going through not having clothing or school uniforms,” she said.
Kids would come to school in old coats, too thin for the cold winters. Wilson started bringing some of her son’s old clothes for the students to have, she said. From there, her calling blossomed. Her church at the time was running a similar ministry, and Wilson started working with it because it appealed to her.
“There’s been a theme of love in my life. I just love people,” she said.
When Wilson moved back to her home state of North Carolina, she brought Love Ministries with her. Now she visits nursing homes, collects clothes and school supplies to distribute, hosts services, raises money for emergency funds, helps pay water bills, and parcels out vegetable soup in quart jars.
If there’s anyone in need, or without friends or family, Wilson is there to help them.
Recently, Wilson became ill, and had to take a break from Love Ministries. But now that she’s recovered, she’s ready to go.
The luncheon is her first project to help get Love Ministries back on its feet and back into the community where it belongs.
But illness isn’t the first problem she’s run into. Sometimes Wilson and her family are the only active members of her ministry. People come and go.
“And sometimes it’s been a little difficult for me to carry on,” she said.
But she has carried on, and gives all the credit to God. She says it was his call on her life and he orchestrates everything in her ministry. Love Ministries is a non-denominational ministry that anyone can join. Wilson says Love Ministries is for anyone who’s compassionate and loves to love people.
“We work hard and we get things done and we help people and that what’s it’s about,” she said.
Luncheon tickets are $10 a person, all proceeds go directly to Love Ministries. Tickets for the luncheon are available at the door or can be purchased in advance from Wilson’s home at 908 W. Horah St.
Those interested in working with Love Ministries should call Patricia Wilson at 704-640-6283.