Letters to the editor — Friday (2-7-2014)

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 7, 2014

For me, it seems there’s a direct correlation between the state of our union and the quality of Super Bowl commercials. It wasn’t uncommon in the past for the actual game to be anti-climactic. Invariably, one team would succumb to all the hype and pressure and not play well. But regardless of the game, you could always take solace knowing that the commercials would help save the day. Unfortunately, those days seem to be over.
I remember past commercials as being funny, clever and original. Today, they’re just high-tech, computer-generated melodrama. I saw lots of pretty commercials this past Super Bowl, most of them leaving me perplexed and not knowing their point. It was like watching a movie that’s so concerned with special effects, it forgot about the plot.
I’m all for technology and am aware of its advantages. But the amount at our disposal today seems to be having a dehumanizing effect on us. It’s no longer necessary to know basic arithmetic, how to spell or even hand-write a letter. Because of things like this, I believe our creativity is suffering.
It would be nice if we could turn the clock back a bit and return to doing a few more things ourselves. But I think we’re going to go on resembling Super Bowl commercials. It could be worse, though. We’re nowhere near as bad as that last game.
— Allan Gilmour

I’m a bit frustrated by the actions, or lack of action, taken by Rowan County Animal Control. The leash law is in place to protect people and animals. Yet Animal Control refuses to uphold that law.
Countless times I have called about aggressive pit bulls running loose in my neighborhood. It was only a matter of time before someone was attacked. That day happened on Dec. 26.
When one of these dogs tried to attack me, I walked out my front door and started down my steps only for an angry pit bull to charge me at full speed. I happened to have a firearm on me and defended myself.
To make a long story short, Animal Control comes out to issue no citation, but to tell me that I should have run and jumped on top of a car instead of defending myself. Ridiculous, considering I’m a disabled vet and no longer able to run. Am I wrong to defend myself or my family from a dog attack that could have been prevented if Animal Control had done its job?
— Kevin Cagle