Letters to the editor — Wednesday (1-29-2014)

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 29, 2014

These are two different subjects that are cousins. In the world as we know it, equal is not automatically fair, and “not guilty” we have found to be not the same as “innocent.” (I won’t touch that now.)
The proposed military COLA (cost of living adjustment) cut of 1 percentage point for all military retirees may appear to be fair, but it certainly is not equal. With today’s top-rank heavy organization and benefit allocations, let’s drop the COLA now for all flag-rank officers and reinstate the 1.5 percent adjustment for below that. It has been pointed out that many veterans go to work after they retire. They are no longer in the military structure and have to work to survive on the outside today. Retired flag-rank may be able to put off COLA perhaps until age 70.
As for unemployment insurance, that too is not a fair and equal assessment. A single 24-year-old living at home is not the same as a single 24-year-old with a child or children as a head of household, out on their own.
So, lets look at their filing status, obligations and household income before we cut their life cord. They should be required to submit their prior and current 1040s when they apply and reapply for continuing benefits. Then a judgement can be more fairly made specifically and not a broad brush stroke equally.
— J.H. Stanley

Commissioners can buy a money pit — or should I say West End Plaza — but can’t find enough money to help poor, defenseless animals in their last hours. Stop the gassing!
— Ethel Porter