EnergyUnited: Conserve energy in deep cold

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 23, 2014

STATESVILLE — As nighttime temperatures continue to trend lower than normal, EnergyUnited officials are reminding members in the cooperative’s 19-county service area to conserve energy in an effort to combat seeing higher bills in the future.
EnergyUnited members can take several easy energy conservation steps during the cold weather that is expected to continue through next week:
Decrease thermostat settings to the lowest comfortable level.
Postpone use of major electric appliances, such as dishwashers and clothes dryers, until mid-day or after 9 p.m., when the demand for electricity decreases.
Turn off unused and unneeded lights and electrical appliances.
“We’ve been pleased with the way our electric system has performed during the continued cold weather,” said H. Wayne Wilkins, CEO. “Providing our members the necessary information to assist them with their energy conservation efforts is the best way for us to help them take control of their efforts in that area. In situations like these, voluntary energy conservation is the best case scenario for both EnergyUnited and our members.”
For more information about energy efficiency, visit or call EnergyUnited at 1-800-522-3793.