Davis reaches out ‘through cancer and beyond’

Published 12:00 am Sunday, January 19, 2014

Retired minister Don Davis enjoys writing small books based on his experience to offer help and hope to others.

He and his wife, Barbara, wrote a children’s book, “Anna’s Shoebox,” to encourage kids to get involved in filling shoeboxes to be shipped overseas to children in need. They gave it away, with a matching coloring book, with no expectation of profit.

Now Davis has a new book, “Restored: A Journey Through Cancer and Beyond.” Davis, a cancer survivor, wrote another book about cancer in 2010 — “Man’s Diagnosis God’s Prognosis: Standing Against a Killer, Melanoma.” It was the story of his journey through diagnosis, treatment and follow-up, and a celebration of God’s grace in his life.

The new book, “Restored,” parallels Psalm 23. Davis says the oncology nurses read his first book and told him “the thing we need most is something about people dealing with their feelings.”

“I tried to address that through the 23rd Psalm and how (King) David uses that through good and bad.”

Davis gave away 1,200-1,300 of the first book through doctor’s offices, word of mouth and family members. He got letters and phone calls in response.

“It was not meant to be a money-maker,” Davis says. “We had help paying for the book with a donation.”

“Restored” won’t be a money-maker, either. It has a $4.99 price tag, but that will only cover the cost of producing it. He’s trying to get the book out to places where people who need it will see it. He credits his oncologist with giving away many of his first book.

“My goal is helping people who go through this, with regard for spouses and caregivers, especially mentally. They could end up in worse shape than the patient.

“I even preach that … I’m not a theologian, I spend more time on the person.”

The book takes the Psalm verse by verse and applies it to the needs of a person facing a huge challenge. “I pray it will catch on.

“My main emphasis is on the spiritual side. Research shows your belief in God can help you get through” the ordeal.

Davis again used Jean Barlow to illustrate his cover. He will sign books and talk about his experience on Saturday, Jan. 25, 1-3 p.m. at Literary Bookpost. His other books will also be available.