Published 12:00 am Monday, January 13, 2014

Let city and county meet and break bread together
The best kept secret in Salisbury is Thelma’s Down Home Cooking in the old steak house location at the old Salisbury Mall, the best country cooking in Rowan County. A whole lot of great food for a small price.
It’s a city business in a county-owned building, which brings me to my proposal. Let’s have the Rowan County Commissioners and the Salisbury City Council meet every month at Thelma’s and break bread together.
No agenda, no program, no talking politics, just fellowship and eating great food, that’s all.
Only rule is members have to sit next to a member of the other body and you can’t sit next to the same member two months in a row, you must mix it up. Maybe in this way when the time for serious discussions arrive, we will have kinder and gentler governmental bodies for discussion. Couldn’t hurt. By the way, their country style steak and baby limas are to die for.
— Mac Butner
WHY? Why can we buy the mall for $3 million?
Why can we afford almost $10 million for a central office?
If we can afford to do this, why can’t we afford more teachers and more teachers’ assistants?
— Pat Moore