Published 12:00 am Monday, January 13, 2014

Mall purchase does not make sense
Well, the Edgar Bergen-Charlie McCarthy show is on again. It is not bad enough that the two brain children spent $3.4 million on a mall that had no promise. The company that owns the mall sold the Bojangles property for $1 million plus and they only paid $2.5 million for the whole place.
I don’t know what the problem they have with the city of Salisbury is, since Charlie has his business in Salisbury. Now they are wasting time and money on going after Jon Barber for something that won’t amount to a hill of beans. Jon, pay the county back for the paper used and maybe Edgar will be happy.
I still feel that the mall should be called “The Sides-Pierce Folly.” The building of the new county school office will probably cost taxpayers another bundle of money because the property must be purchased and Old Edgar does not want Salisbury to help the taxpayers by giving them property that has been approved.
Citizens, remember, when your taxes go up, who caused the increase! The election is coming up; don’t FORGET who got us in this mess.
— Lenny Wolfe