Pat Macon takes home bridge award

Published 12:00 am Sunday, January 12, 2014

Every year the June Evans Award goes to the non life master who has earned the most points at our Salisbury games.
This year, Pat Macon was that high earner. She has been a faithful player and has been eager to grow our games. Thanks Pat, and congratulations.
Friday’s Evergreen winners were: First, Marie Pugh and Ruth Bowles; second, Stella Shadroui and Becky Creekmore; third, Gloria Bryant and Betsy Bare; fourth, Chuck and Margaret Rimer.
We welcomed Shirley Jeffers back to our game and hope she is able to return often.
The featured hand is No. 6 from Friday. All scores were on the E/W side. This is an example of bid stealing that paid off for the N/S pair. 4HE made 5,6,or 7 for E/W but 4SS went down 1 trick giving that E/W pair the low score and the N/S pair the high score. E/W was vulnerable East dealer.

S Q J 4 2
H T 2
D K Q 9 5
C J 9 8

S K S 6 5 3
H A 9 5 4 H K Q J 8 7 3
D A T 8 7 6 3 D 4
C A 7 C Q 5 2
S AT 9 8
H 6
D J 2
C K T 6 4 3

Please note: 4SS can work if South doesn’t try finessing for the spade K. It falls on the A of S and the contract makes.
There three tables of hearty players out on Tuesday. Winners were 1st Harold and Carol Winecoff, 2nd Marie Pugh and Loyd Hill. Hope to see many more on Friday.