Quotes of the week

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 10, 2014

“People have the right to be stupid, as one gentleman said, but let them be stupid in their own homes, not in our public places.” — Elaine China, city resident, on the ban on smoking in parks

“We just felt like on this one, we had to let our voices be heard.” — Supt. Pam Cain, Kannapolis Schools, on seeking waiver on new Read to Achieve program

“As you can imagine, white collar-type investigations can take a lengthy amount of time and resources to properly investigate.” — Brandy Cook, Rowan district attorney, on asking special group to look into Jon Barber’s use of county copier

“I think we wouldn’t be authorizing continued dialogue if we didn’t.” — Richard Miller, school board chair, on whether his board and county commission see making progress in mediation effort.

“It gives little girls something to look up to.” — Jayla Krider, co-captain, North Rowan High Dazzling Emeralds, on the revival of majorette squad