Published 12:00 am Friday, January 10, 2014

Computers dumb down our society
Recently, I read a quote attributed to Albert Einstein that said, “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.” I believe that it should be both, the learning of facts such as historical events and the training of the mind.
Allowing the use of calculators in the classroom led to the current times when computers and other electronic inventions are used. I know that there are both pros and cons about their use in the classroom. However, are students using them in place of using their minds and maybe some legwork to find the answers they seek?
All we need do is to observe and listen to those around us for the results of today’s education. We have cashiers who do not know how to count out change. We have those who believe that anything from the Internet is true. Having generations not taught to use their minds gives us a dumbed-down society easily led.
No, I am not against using computers or other electronic equipment. I use a computer in my daily life and see the benefits it brings. However, knowing how to get the best from a computer should be secondary to knowing how to use our own minds. Knowing how to use my mind, I am able to analyze a problem and follow through on any research needed to locate the answers to a problem. Yes, it does take longer; but why must we have everything instantly?
Although I type all correspondence, I also use the skill of writing and reading cursive lettering. If I could not, I would not be able to read the old handwritten documents that I find when pursuing my genealogical hobby.
— June Clancy

Bring back jobs
I’m wondering why we even need county offices. My recent county tax accessment went to Mount Airy. Our city of Salisbury water bill goes to Atlanta! Why is the county sending much-needed jobs out of our county? If they put county offices in the mall, will it bring these jobs back to our county?
— Cindy Eckrote