First, let’s set good goals

Published 12:00 am Sunday, December 29, 2013

All of Rowan County looks forward to a more productive and harmonious 2014. New Year’s resolutions have been known to fade fast, but without goals we’ll go nowhere even faster. So here are some suggested resolutions for:

N.C. Transportation Museum: Resolve to get things rolling in 2014 by attracting another pop star like Justin Bieber to use the museum for a video shoot — but probably not Miley Cyrus. More state funding and local support would also be appreciated.

Salisbury tourism officials: Resolve to land another TV series filming gig. Sure, the “Sleepy Hollow” pilot created some hassles, without much revenue to show for it, but nobody ever said breaking into show business would be easy.

Jon Barber, Rowan County commissioner: Resolve to spend more time at Kinko’s and less at the county copying machine.

Jim Sides, chairman, Rowan County Board of Commissioners: Resolve to end the vow of silence regarding talking to the Salisbury Post. Like the Good Book says, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.”

City Manager Doug Paris and Commission Vice Chairman Craig Pierce: Resolve that any future breakfast gatherings may begin with a blessing — and not end with a blessing out.

Paul Woodson, Salisbury mayor: Resolve to spend more time confronting the city’s challenges with crime and poverty and give people who don’t live in Salisbury more reasons to do business here.

Darrell Hinnant, Kannapolis mayor: Resolve to deliver on campaign promises of new jobs for the former textile town and show other towns how to recruit business.

Rowan-Salisbury School System and board: Resolve that this will be the year test scores go up, the dropout rate comes down and the central office shifts from controversy to construction start-up.

Rowan residents: Resolve to show as much concern and enthusiasm for students’ academic successes as their athletic victories — and to build a community that young people will want to return to for more than class reunions.

Local philanthropists: Resolve to bring transformational change to the community through innovative new programs aimed at reducing poverty.

Educators: Resolve to shield their classrooms from the political climate of the moment and always push students to achieve more than they realize they can.