Couple donates to Christmas Happiness instead of sending out cards

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 19, 2013

During the holidays Dale and Betty Boger decided to forego giving Christmas cards to friends and family and instead have taken that money and donated to helping others.
The couple, who are both retired, have given to the fund for more than a decade.
They “believe in helping the underprivileged and thought the money would be best served helping the less fortunate,” she said.
The two are both Rowan County natives and have donated to other local and foreign ministries including Rowan Helping Ministries and have supported a school in India. The couple have volunteered at their church, Providence United Methodist Church, Rowan Helping Ministries and Meals on Wheels of Rowan County.
Christmas Happiness contributions are collected at the Salisbury Post. The donations are listed in the paper each day. The Salvation Army of Rowan County distributes those contributions to area families in need. Families receive a voucher to buy Christmas presents for each child who qualifies.
The program began when then Post editor Spencer Murphy wanted to help provide Christmas for the families in the community. The Christmas Happiness Fund was created in 1952 and has continued to grow to meet the needs of those children who would not otherwise received gifts at the holidays.
Bring contributions to the Salisbury Post, 131 W. Innes St., between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays or mail them to The Salisbury Post Christmas Happiness Fund, P.O. Box 4639, Salisbury, NC 28145-4639.
Make checks payable to the Christmas Happiness Fund and indicate how you wish your donations to be listed. Please write legibly to ensure that donations can be listed accurately.
Today’s contributions are:
In loving memory of our parents, Mary and George Blankenship and Lillian Shoaf by Becky and Bill Shives $50
In honor of Bill Shives, Christmas Eve Birthday with love Becky $50
In lieu of Christmas Cards by Dale and Betty Boger $100
In honor of our friends and neighbors in Milford Hills by Charles and Liz Friedrich..$250
In honor of our mothers, Patsy Rendleman and Keron Sherwin, and in memory of our fathers, Richard Rendleman and Sidney Sherwin by Dick and Nancy Rendleman $500
In honor of J.P. and Sally Helms by Braxton Young $50
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon P. Hurley $500
In loving memory of my husband Howard Goodman by Virginia Goodman $100
In honor of Jerri and David Peeler by Dee and Gary $10
In memory of Susan and Raymond Dennis $100
In honor of our Sunday School teachers, Billy Goodman and Debbie Miller by The Arthur Shipton Sunday School Class at Immanuel Lutheran Church, Rockwell, NC $50
In memory of Justin Monroe (uncle and friend) Eddie Monroe (Paw-Paw and friend by Rob and Carolina Monroe, Corbin and Abby Smith $40
In memory of Myrtice and Dimp Roberts, George and Annie Miller by Hazel M. Winfree. $25
In honor of Group #1, LCW, of Christiana Lutheran Church, a group that is so faithful and dedicated and mean so much to me by their leader, Katherine Lyerly $25
Anonymous $25
In honor of Sunday School Teachers, Melva Menius and Evelyn Eller by Ladies Bible Class Providence UM Church $20
In memory of Richard and Lois Henion and Claude and Jean Lyerly and in honor of Tim, Linda and Drew by Tim Lyerly $100
In loving memory of Ben B. Wagoner and W. Ralph Peeler by Irene W. Peeler $50
In honor of our wonderful neighbors “Aunt Shully and Uncle Ned” $75
In memory of Rev. and Mrs. E M Fain by Larry and Kathy Fain $20
In memory of Cecily Mulkey by Terry, Sheila, Eric and Tyler $100
In honor of the 4-D’s of Andrew Jackson Lodge #576 $100

Total 2,340
Running Total $41,145.37