Education shoutouts

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 12, 2013

The following North Hills Christian School (NHCS) juniors and seniors were inducted into the 2013-2014 David B. Davis chapter of the National Honor Society: Jordan Moore, Jordan Smith and Madison Sweitzer. These inductees join current members of the society Emily Boggs, Morgan Bowman, Elisabeth Farmer, Caitlin Harrison, Candace Craig Lyerly, Kevin Mitchell and Natalie Whicker.
NHCS National Honor Society members are selected by faculty members and administration based on the students’ demonstration of excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service and character. In addition, students must have attended North Hills Christian School for one year prior to their junior or senior year and hold a grade point average of 3.5 or higher.
New honors academy
Five high school students at NHCS made history recently as the first students accepted into the new Honors Academy at North Hills Christian School. Ethan Aguilera, Savanna Alligood, Brittney Hogan, Avery McGrail and Jordan Plummer were admitted into the academy.
The Honors Academy is reserved for academically gifted students. A pilot program for the new academy began this fall. The curriculum includes the study of the great works of Western civilization and is designed to develop students’ thinking and eloquent expression of ideas.
In addition to two years of humanities at the honors level (a blend of English and history with emphasis on western heritage), the program will require four AP courses; at least three years of foreign language; honors level courses in logic, rhetoric (eloquent expression), and the great philosophers; as well as the option of additional honors, AP and dual enrollment courses. Coursework will frequently use the study of real books and primary sources over textbooks or abridged reading materials. Full information about the new course of study is available on the school’s website at
NHCS English teacher Kay Madden said, “As a former home school mother who used the classical approach to teach my own children, I cannot adequately express how excited I am about the school’s transition to this model of learning,” she said.
Leslie Pullen, the school’s interim head of school also underscored the importance of a classically-geared, rigorous academic program. “We are committed to producing students who are cultural, academic and social leaders. In order to do that, students must not only be trained with 21st century job skills, but they must also be prepared to deeply strategize, think and communicate in a culture that desperately needs those skills. The classical and liberal arts approaches underscore the importance of teaching students to love the art of learning.”
North Hills offers a full college preparatory program. The existing high school program will continue alongside the Honors Academy.
The Honors Academy is accepting applications for rising freshmen for the 2014-2015 school year.
For more information, visit the school’s website at, or contact Nikki Eagle, admissions director, by e-mail at or by phone at 704-636-3005, ext. 206.
Hanford-Dole Elementary has recognized the following students as the December Good Citizens for the character trait of perseverance. Each student received a certificate and his/her picture on the Good Citizen Bulletin Board in the hall for the month.
Pre-kindergarten: Dyaon Jackson.
Kindergarten: Jayden Davis, Anieyah Gillespie, Alan Cantoran Morales, Tyshun Sellers, Stephen Hughes.
First grade: Paylina Wilson, Mauricio Rosales, April Villeda Chavez, Tatiana Green.
Second grade: Anthony Jones, Ashley Matthews, Zakoria Brown, Jeremiah King, Ava Peoples.
Third grade: Lauren Miller, Kayla Wilson, Sy’Vision Anderson, Serinity Day.
Fourth grade: Jennifer Lore, Essence Broom, Carolina Tamayo, Preston Overcash.
Fifth grade: Anthony Aguliar, James Gladden, Dayshun Davis.
The following students were selected as good citizens at North Rowan Elementary for November based on the character trait responsibility: Aubry Martin, Maria Valle, Jordan Clodfelter, Caleb Truman, Kimberly Turcios, Kareem Ellis-Horton, Ayonna Strickland, Lenaja Cowan, Elliot Smith, Neveaeh Wood, Devin Dowell, Brandon Bautista, Amy Euceda, Brandon Cole, Olivea Labenz, Madeline Light, Chase Shoaf, Makayla Chambers, Anthony Finger, Brenden Ellis, Sandy Mendoza, Jileal Davis, Jordy Cruz, Olivia Neely, Daziya Mitchell, Angel Flores, Teasha Ellis, McKenna Saylor, Ruth Vargas, Chloee Stoner, Christian McRae, Jaleel Pemberton, Cyomora Tapley, Christopher Portillo, Gabriel Jamison, Ashley Ortiz, Dalton Connolly, My-esha Chaffin, Jasper Caudill, Jordin Moreno, Sabian Johnson, Malaysia Dillard, Amya Cherry, Ethan Russell, Dasia Elder, Dustyann Bruce, Kim Flores, Madison Cole, Javari Houston, Bryslynn Goodlett, Katherine Ellis, Noah Williams, Kolby Smith, Christarian Patterson, Sirenity Wilks, Ryan Overcash, Jennifer Ortiz, Jaden Hager, Brianna Peterson.
North Rowan Elementary first quarter all-A honor roll:
Fourth grade — Marbeli Bustillo Castro, Sebastian Jabana, Ali Khatib, Isaiah Miles, Christarian Patterson, Kaylin Sturdivant-Hill, Colby Swicegood, Aden Toledo, Lauren Witherspoon.
Fifth grade — Dustin Boger, Dylan Connolly, Anna Everhart, Anthony (A.J.) Finger, Kenndrick Harper, Nuna Herh, Evan Mahaley, Abby Smith, Aryonna Smith, Tiana Turner.
Morgan Elementary School announces its all-A honor roll.
Second grade — Krisily Bulla, Joseph Burleyson, Jadyn Featherstone, Jake Gobble, McCall Henderson, Drake Jones, Stella Koontz, Ronald Lentz, Matthew Perry, Matthew Rogers, Emma Schumacher, Anaston Trexler, Gage Trexler.
Third grade — Kayla Aston, Lucas Berg, Kierstyn Bomely, Elly Davis, Isabella File, Cyprus Jones, Kyrsten Kirkpatrick, Jordan Koontz, Carmella Raiti, Tatum Shirley, Luke Smith, Danielle Steelman, Gaven Trexler, Hayden Ward, Peyton Whicker, Chloe Whitley, Lucas Wyatt.
Fourth grade — Matthew Burroughs, Jace Cline, Tristan Miller, Joanna Thompson, Callie Trexler.
Fifth grade — Mattox Henderson, Liberty Koontz, Landon Mayhew, Colby Patterson, Gracie Sprinkle, Gracie Soloman.
Enochville Elementary School recently selected Wise Owls for September. The following students have consistently exhibited good citizenship, good manners and exceptional behavior:
Kindergarten — Tucker Hartsell, Kendall Wallace, Matthew Lowder, Lauren Livengood, Joshua Board, Kylie Roberts.
First grade — Baylee Thomas, Zach Barham, Elian Gonzales, Leigan Lusk, Savannah Smith, Braxton Coe.
Second grade — Cailey Duffel, Kenneth Houchin, Mason Benfield, Portlynn Kilgore.
Third grade — Eden Childers, Brandon Wilson, Travis Pope, Guage Phillips, Curtis Houchin, Sierra McChesney.
Fourth grade — Kayleigh Lusk, Tanner Scercy, Sean Satterfield, Derek O’Neal, Gavin Osborne, Caroline Barbee.
Fifth grade — Devin Arnette, Utah Brown, Carson Kelly, Harley Howerton, Destiny Strong, Christian Floyd.
November Good Citizens at Cleveland Elementary School:
Kindergarten — Caleb Kimbrough, Wendy Landeverde, Wyatt McEwen, Alexa Earnhart, Aaron Teaster and Katie Cline.
First grade — Gage Ludwick, Cash Ramsay, Lukas Smith and Scarlett Kennedy.
Second grade — Mark Truman, Emma Rae Cline, Gavin Hall, Mathais Sipes, Elias Morris and Amie Rodgers.
Third grade — Paxton Greene, Destiny Davis, Justis Barrone, Ciara Cuthbertson, Kevin Fent and Shelbie McCoy.
Fourth grade — Cole Haas, Mary Call, Justin Henderson and Hailey Hall.
Fifth grade — Nate Sanborne, Cassidy Shepherd, Josiah Harper and Miranda Miller.
Millbridge Elementary chose November Good Citizens for showing responsibility.
Kindergarten — Kyra Eagle, Carlos Landaverde, Nathaniel Norton, Kenadie Moore, Ivy Vinson, Donovan Tucker, Lucas Watts, Courtney Joplin.
First grade — Noah Crump, Ruby Albarran, Riley Hopkins, Matthew Shumake, Riley Perkins, Tania Lopez, Ellasen Arden Nance, James Linder.
Second grade — Damian Orr, Lana Watts, Macy Miller, Aaron Jones, Ava Hinson, Josh Bost, Kaitlin Boyd, Andrew Hembold, Grayson Cromer.
Third grade — Jed Waller, Ragan Hopkins, Tyler Atwell, Jacob Saine, Reagan Moore, Nikkolas Bryant, Coleman Overcash, Brookelyn Artz.
Fourth grade — Adriana Mullis, Jack Reed, Ty Lowery, Kendra Boyle, Julia Watson, Ben Starnes, Israel Amezquita, David Westenberg.
Fifth grade — Colton Baxter, Navaha Jackson, Skylar Mills, Jack Weaver, Rachel Webster, Carlos Amezquita, Jacob Pierce, Chloie Sawyer.
Congratulations to Sacred Heart Catholic School’s November Good Citizens.
Pre-kindergarten — Bennett Brinkley and Brandi Malloy.
Kindergarten — Isabella Restar and Gisele Tennent
First grade — Drew Aron and Eva Lamanno.
Second grade — Hunter Gibson and Angie Landaverde.
Third grade — A.J. Flynn.
Fourth grade — Sutton Webb.
Fifth grade — Patrick Rattz.
Sixth grade — Claire Allen.
Seventh grade — Mary Sobataka, Caleb Fleeman.
Eighth grade — Miriam Roy, Keegan Dillon.
The November Math Olympiad winners are Lauren Denhard, Ben Roy and Gavin Fleming.
The all-A honor roll students for first trimester:
Fourth grade — Grace Blackwell, Ben Childress, Riley Dillon, Colin Donaldson, Sophia Malloy, Ella Trainor, Sutton Webb, Will Webb.
Fifth grade — Josh Klein, Katy Klein.
Sixth grade — Brody Dillon, Alyssa Lopez, Hannah Smith.
Seventh grade — Olivia Dagenhart, Jack Fisher, Jason Matthews.
Eighth grade — Alex Antosek, Elly Burks, Michael Childress, Keegan Dillon, Rachel Harrison, Julia Honeycutt, Johnson Huynh, Grace Kellicut, Mary McCullough, Ben Roy, Miriam Roy, Autumn Ulrich, Leah Wyrick.
Gray Stone Day School first quarter all A honor roll:
Ninth grade — Isabella Alvarez, Maira Haque, Drew Heald, Tyler Heald, Kathrine Helms, Parker Jenkins, Maria Kanawati, William Nicks, Frankie Rivell, Grasyn Waisner, Raines Webster.
10th grade — Cassie Bebout, Catherine Blake-Harris, Shannon Efird, Megan Frick, Jake Goodnight, Sarah Hutton, Montana Kimrey, Darien Paonessa, Celsea Reeder, Lacey Turner, Ilya Wang.
11th grade — Allyson Barnett, Lindsay Curlee, Chris Distin, Clay Dowdey, Taylor Earnhardt, Margaret Ericson, Frankie Goodnight, Billy Haque, Reid Huckabee, Theodore Karabet, Caroline Lowder, Jonathan Matthews, Dray Smith, Amanda Stevenson.
12th grade — Mica Giles, John Latimer, Caroline McLeod, Amar Patel, Jennie Wagner.