Quotes of the week

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 6, 2013

“Bad things always seem to happen to good people.” — Alan Moon, on shooting of friend and neighbor Marcus Kauffman during home robbery

“My feeling is it’s time to move on to another venue, if that’s what the board wants to do, or we can say, ‘No, county commission, you can run the school board, and we’ll all step aside.’ ” — Richard Miller, school board chair, on whether the school board might suit the county over funding issues

“We have a tremendous amount of work to do, but we are getting better every day.” — Beth Newlands Campbell, Food Lion president, on new store format unveiled this week in Concord

“The only thing short with me is my height.” — Mary Ponds, promising to be an energetic alderman, after 14 years as Granite Quarry mayor

“I’m thrilled that the board has confidence in my doing the job. I put everything I’ve got into it.” — Jim Sides, re-elected chairman of county commission

“Our commissioners have an impossibly difficult job. While I may not always agree with their stance on a specific matter, I do respect their positions.” — Pete Bogle, Rowan County Building Code Enforcement director, in letter of resignation

“Everybody that works here is an animal lover first and animal care provider second. I think everybody here was pretty much in tune with the fact that the chamber wasn’t the best way for the animals.” Iredell County Animal Control Director Brad Gates, explaining shift to euthanization by injection