Quotes of the week

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 22, 2013

“It’s immoral to want to roll back voting rights … to take unemployment from people who can’t work through no fault of their own. It’s not liberal versus conservative. It’s just wrong, and it violates everything that we say we are for in our Constitution.” — The Rev. William Barber, NC NAACP, on Moral Monday event in Salisbury

“While I appreciate your perspective on this issue, I am a little concerned that you persist on giving advice when it is not solicited.” — Jim Sides, chairman, Rowan County Board of Commissioners, responding to inspection chief Pete Bogle’s email about advantages of the downtown central office site

“How can society place such a low value on a profession that in essence touches the future?” — Bob Terry, veteran and teacher, reflecting on the many students he has taught through the years

“No one is ever too small to stand up. You can make the difference if you say something.” — Lea Silverburg, Second Step teacher, talking to first-graders about bullying

“If you all don’t walk the chalk line, I’ll have to come back and file for re-election!” — Bob Misenheimer, outgoing mayor of Kannapolis, at dinner honoring him