Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 14, 2013

Rowan shows love of country, respect for vets

As a retired federal employee from the Veterans Administration and the son of federal employee, I have lived in 16 different cities, all with a VA hospital that provides care to our nations’ heroes.

Thirteen months ago I had the opportunity to move to Salisbury. I have had the opportunity to watch two different Veterans Day parades and the July Fourth parade in Faith, and have never seen so much patriotism as I have right here in Rowan County. I wish that every city that I have lived in, would show this much love of country and respect to veterans as citizens in Rowan County have.

Having lived in all of these others places, I can honestly say that this is the best place I have lived and I feel so blessed to live here!

—David Green


Wanted: patriotic tunes

I am a long-term resident at the Hefner VA Medical Center, now approaching six years. I awaited the Veteran’s Day parade with significant anticipation. So, as one o’clock approached I joined the large crowd of medical center patients, staff and medical attendants, parking my wheelchair curbside in order to observe the bands, majorettes and politicians who vie for votes.

However, my main objective was to hear the marching music one expects to hear during Veteran’s Day celebrations. I readily admit that the “Marines’ Hymn” and “Anchors Aweigh” usually bring tears to my eyes, especially when hearing band music at parades.

As the first band approached playing their selection tears did form. Then the remaining bands, possibly four, passed and played not a note. Not a note!

Surely someone could have taken the initiative at assigning the first band to play “The Cassion Song,” the second to play “Off We Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder,” etc. That would not have been an unreasonable assumption to my way of thinking.

— Retired Cmdr. Joseph G.Hoover


Re-elect next year?

Incumbent Salisbury office holders were recently re-elected. Will this happen when county commissioners are up for re-election? I think not. The commissioners have made Rowan County not much of county in the eyes of both North Carolina and the United States. Perhaps North Carolina needs 101 counties and Salisbury can be number 101. Or perhaps Commissioners Sides and Pierce can seek the help they need for their secrecy, immaturity, narrow and small-minded actions.

— Jack Bilson


Fisher deserves thanks

Thank you Paul Fisher for your years as a advocate for our children. Your family has done so much over the years to promote positive self-esteem and the importance of a good education to our children. Your love for our students goes far beyond what I could elaborate on in this short letter. The anonymous rewards to children for their achievement and your public support of rewarding good students are examples of your dedication to the youth in Rowan County. It has been my privilege to have been in your presence on numerous occasions to witness first hand your personal heartfelt support toward our youth. Thanks Paul!

— Jim Duncan