Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 10, 2013

SAVANNAH, GA — Where do you start when you visit Savannah?
That’s the big question.
If you are into history, the city has it all.
If you are into river cruises, the city has it all.
If you are into stories of ghosts in haunted houses, it has it all.
The lists goes on and on in Georgia’s oldest city and the city where the 13th colony in the United States was founded.
There are 22 “squares” or one acre parks scattered equally around the National Landmark Historic District. They have been nicknamed “The Jewels of the City.”
The Historic District is one of the largest in the United States. The Forsyth Park Fountain, in one of the “squares” is special. It was erected in 1858 and designed to resemble the grand fountain in Paris.
There are the restored warehouses facing the Savannah River on River Street that house shops, restaurants, clothing stores, and more. All the food is great, but the seafood is tops and very fresh.
There are statues and monuments honoring fallen war heroes: British General James Edward Oglethorpe, the city’s founder in 1733, Native American Tomochichi who helped Oglethorpe found the Georgia colony, and even General Nathanael Greene, after whom Greensboro is named. Many American presidents are honored.
There are carriage tours, trolley tours, walking tours, and even a historic dog walk tour.
Of course, there are historic homes with antebellum architecture open for tours the year round. The homes sit under the giant branches of live oak trees hanging full of Spanish Moss.
While down at the river, look to the west and see the modern, beautiful Talmadge Bridge that spans the Savannah River. There are street artists producing art, who will take time to speak with you about their work.
Watch the big cargo ships moving up the river loaded with goods from foreign countries. You can’t miss the cobblestone River Street that is paved with stones from Liverpool, England that came to American on ships used as ballast for their loads while crossing the Atlantic.
The beaches of Tybee Island are just miles away if you want sunbathing on the ocean front or a tour of the lighthouse. There is a nature preserve across the river if you want to see alligators and wildlife.
If you have a only one day in Savannah, you will have a wonderful day.
If you have three days, you will not be sorry and certainly not bored.