Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 9, 2013

SALISBURY — Not many people voted in Tuesday’s election.
The voter turnout rate for the city of Salisbury was 13.44 percent, with the rate across Rowan County slightly higher at 13.5 percent. The odd-year election offered the opportunity to vote only on municipal elections, which typically draws a smaller turnout than elections held in even years.
There are a total of 20,951 registered voters in Salisbury, and 2,815 of them cast ballots, according to the Rowan County Board of Elections.
Voters in Salisbury re-elected all five incumbents to City Council by a wide margin.
By precinct, turnout was 21.43 percent in Franklin, 14.32 in Milford Hills County, 13.89 in Hatters Shop, 4.03 in North Locke, 5.57 in Sumner, 12.29 in West Ward II, 19.59 in West Ward I, 10.03 in South Ward, 12.05 in East Ward, 18.74 in West Innes, 21.71 in North Ward, 13.75 in Milford Hills City, 5.91 in West Ward III, 12.9 in Ellis and 21.63 in Faith.