Education shoutouts

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 7, 2013

The following students were recently selected as October Great Gators at Isenberg Elementary:
Pre-kindergarten — Jordan Fisher.
Kindergarten — Christopher Foley, Mikayla Johnson, Hannah Le, Mark Le, Dylan Nguyen, Emely Ortiz Herrera, CKing Phillips and KaNya Richardson.
First grade — Gabriel Blankenship Littman, Samantha Brown, Aliyiah Callandret, Jaylan Chambers, Farah Hassan, Jordan Henderson, Kendall Mason and Donna Grace Schmeltzer.
Second grade — Savanna Chopp, Rae’Quon Houston, Marquise Howell, Ethan Le, Lesly Reyes-Bustamante, Quincy Robinson, Ashley Sanchez and Melanie Xiong.
Third grade — Jaykwon Jackson, Eduardo Reyes-Bustamante, Neveah Robinson, Khishana Sonawa, Sh’Tara Tyson and Caitlyn Williams.
Fourth grade — Lesther Baca, Alex Cruz, Alisa Le, Gaby Ortiz Banegas, Roselin Perdomo and Trinity Venne.
Fifth grade — Athenah Callandret, Chidera Dimkpa, Cody Fassler, Alma Mayers, Dylan Perez and Kelley Walton.
Faith Elementary School October Good Citizens and Good Deed Doers:
Good Citizens: Erin Augustson, Annelise Carr, Lily Corl, Lane Dutch, Ronnie Shutt, Thurman Floyd, Kaylee Thonen, Peyton Connolly, Alex Cooper, Chloe Hinkle, Keegan Barger, Sara Head, Zander Farmer, Madison Hodges, Mason Duncan, Trevis Byrd, Joshua Jeans, Saybrin Thomas, Kennedy Elliott, Michael Altmann.
Good Deed Doers: Austin Atwell, Bryson Honeycutt, Gryffin Bowman, Alexa Argueta Estrada, Laila Teuscher, Mia Proctor, Jackson Earnhardt, Mason Riley, Delton Adams, Cristian Gonzalez, Jersey Brown, Ben Grubbs, Katie Johnson, Ella Doby, Madison Newton, Grace Goldstein, Grace Dunn, Aaron Bradshaw, Victoria Cokeley, Brandon Melton.
The following students were selected as good citizens at North Rowan Elementary School for October based on the character trait honesty: Tristen Brown, Parker Vriesema, Shaqiri Hosch-Davis, Avery Pruitt, Treyveon Geter, Reagan Wittich, Dylan Morgan, Addisyn Finsel, Cody Anderson, Marcellus Walker, Kari Downs, Korinna Bradley, Emma Light, Malakie Harris, Bryanna Moss, Kelvin Flores-Ortiz, Gabrielle Bell, Ashley Nguyen, AJ Finger, Ashley Ortiz, Javon Smith, Austin Beck, Gabriel Welch, Olivia Hawkins, Makayla Locklear, S’Naya Bush, Will Reavis, Nayomi Pant, Angelee Alvarado-Garcia, Brooklyn Weber, Candice Barber, Andrew Blake, Paige Smithers, Evan Davis, DeAsja Sturdivant, Aden Toledo, Mandio Stoyanov, Zion Milton, Autumn Moore, Breaunah Hill-Henderson, Lexi Williams, Logan Stach, Felipe Serrano Gainey, Ashala Pruitt, Will Beecham, Natalie Olson, Danielle Smith, Savannah Loftis, Anna Everhart, Mohamed Mohammed, Ali Khatib, Kyle Brown, Bailey Bruton, Willa Myers, Sophia Tsambournis, Stella Sophia, Isaiah Allen, Javari Houston, Riley Casper, Dakota Silvia, Jeremiah McCallum, Colby Springle, Skye Morgan, Anyshja Mills, Jalexia Ortiz, Desmond Clodfelter, Ariana Brown, Alex Luther, Delijah Carpenter, Michael Ferguson, Bennie Howard, Yureysi Vargas, Selene Albarran-Gutierrez, Ty Buechler, Amy Euceda, Guadalupe Cervantes, Tiffani Gadson, Madison Canda, Amari Gaiter, Shamya Fox.
Hanford-Dole Elementary has recognized the following students as the November Good Citizens for the character trait of integrity. Each student received a certificate and his/her picture on the Good Citizen Bulletin Board in the hall for the month.
Pre-kindergarten — Sophia Smith.
Kindergarten — Aldo Arellano, Savannah Wilson, Bryson Kennedy, Daymun Davis, Savion Bush.
First grade — Estefany Nunez, Ashelyn Mclaughlin, Derrick Ventura, Marissa Lopez.
Second grade — Jaleska Diaz, Braulio Cerero, Tyler Walker, Alina Herrick.
Third grade — Marcos Albarran, Angie Perez, Ze’lexzia Vinson, Isaiah Rice.
Fourth grade — Hunter Barth, Thi Hillard, Malany De La Cruez Morales, Faith Brown.
Fifth grade — Nadia Gallimore, Kayla Sachse, Niajia Hernandez.
These are the Shive Stingers who have made all A’s this quarter.
Second grade — Alyssa Smith, Kohen Burris, Makenzi Hallman, Austin McGuire, Addison King, Lukas Troutman, Summer Lowe.
Third grade — Drue Gillis, Lana Carter, Joseph Boehm.
Fourth grade — Jaysa Causby, Tessa Christner, Andrew File, Addisyn Keen, Gabrielle Keyes, Ben Sweet, Alix Vazquez.
Fifth grade — Kiersten Drye, Kyla Goughenour, Joshua Teeter (JT), Dawson Goodman, Preston Baz, Jace Jones.
The following Enochville Elementary School students made the all-A honor roll first quarter:
Fourth grade — Jackson Black, Sarah Nowack, Brock Parker, Caroline Barbee, Landon McGee, Carson Crainshaw, Kyrsten Kepley, Mallory Larrimore, Kayleigh Lusk-Williams, Holly Tucker.
Fifth grade — Raychel Harrity, Joshua Carver, Tenae Richardson, Jessalyn Rollins, Emily Wilson.
Melissa Roberts, a senior at Pfeiffer University, has received a 2013 Community Impact Student Award. Given by North Carolina Campus Compact, an association of colleges and universities committed to fostering campus-community engagement, the award recognizes one outstanding student on each campus for making a difference in the community. Roberts is one of 19 students across the state to be honored.
At Pfeiffer, Roberts became involved in service as a Francis Scholar and then as a Bonner Leader in the Francis Center for Service Leadership. As the community partner coordinator at the center, Roberts organized many service projects, including alternative break trips and an international mission trip to South Korea. Roberts has worked to engage more students in service, developing new programs like Drop-In Service and Service Stops. A nursing major, she is from Charleston, S.C.
Roberts and other award winners were honored at North Carolina Campus Compact’s annual student conference on Nov. 2 at Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte. More than 175 student leaders from 27 campuses in three states attended.
Several Pfeiffer students and staff led sessions at the conference. Roberts and sophomore Matthew Humphries shared the drop-in service model as a strategy for expanding student engagement. Senior Alan Allis and junior Mary Boyd led a session on faith-based service. Dr. Vernease Miller, interim dean, division of applied health sciences, presented community-based solutions to health disparities.
The following students were recognized as Explorers of the Week during September for demonstrating excellent behavior throughout the school at Overton Elementary School:
Kindergarten — Brooklynne Witherspoon, Essence Cherry, Honesty Houston and Julia Shelton.
First grade — Makara Trick, Addison Sheehan, Arel Long and Shamara Litaker.
Second grade — Naomi Kotee, Chord Coyle, Kayla Craven and Dameyon Gathings.
Third grade — Kam’Ron Hamilton, Quentin Hippert, Faith Jeter and Reed Brixey.
Fourth grade — Steven Lescoe, Jessica Harris, Molly Jones and Mallory Link.
Fifth grade — Joce Trujillo, Phoebe Hollingsworth, Juan Juarez Vega and Natalie Lusk.
Congratulations also to the students on the following Buses of the Week for demonstrating positive behavior on the bus: Buses 163, 170 and 317 and Bus 163 for winning Bus of the Month.
The following students were recognized as Explorers of the Week during October for demonstrating excellent behavior throughout the school:
Kindergarten — Chylynn Steele, Logan Davidson, Sofia Martinez and Trinity King.
First grade — Emmanuel Houston, Rachel Chambers, Joshua Burns and Addie Myers.
Second grade — Ashley Rio Bustillo, Lazhia Coleman, Mahaley Mays and Antonio Young.
Third grade — Kaalyn Wynn, Luis Avilez, Alex Stewart and Blake Barrier.
Fourth grade — Jacob Clayson, Abby Campion, Alijah Frost and Damario Chalk.
Fifth grade — Kassandra Canedo-Bello, Lillie Rusher, Theodore Oglesby and Juliana Rand.
Congratulations also to the students on the following Buses of the Week for demonstrating positive behavior on the bus: Buses 170, 180 and 353 and Bus 180 for winning Bus of the Month.
The following North Hills Christian School students were recognized during first quarter for displaying love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.
First grade — Maggie Cross, Brayden Smith.
Second grade — Megan Clifford, Rachel Johnson, Landon Merrell, Jenna Plummer, Ethan Wilson, Sam Wilson.
Third grade — Emma Hunsucker, Gracelyn Moody, Peyton Thornburg, Summer Walker.
Fourth grade — Kahlil Cross, Morgan Humble, Aaron McGrail, Jada Rice, Jake Walker.
Fifth grade — Cassidy Athey, Elisabeth Houghton, Stephen Johnson, Austin Latva, Samantha Spillane, Abigail Zunk.
The following North Hills Christian School students made the all-A honor roll during first quarter:
First grade — Natalie Coates, Amber Crisco, Lilia Davis, Morgan Deaton, Daniel Doan, Victoria Edwards, Isabella Figueroa, Max Foote, Ben Hogan, Brayden Latva, Riley Lowder, Alexis Martinez, Kanji Ram, Olivia Shoemaker, Brayden Smith.
Second grade — Corbin Bailey, Isabella Banish, Collin Cape, Megan Clifford, Audrey Corriher, Samantha Davis, Tayla Davis, Olivia Everhart, Rachel Johnson, Isabella Keck, Tyler Kepley, Carlee Latva, Andrew Mead, Landon Merrell, Josue Montalvo Nunez, Jenna Plummer, Selah Smith, Lily Sparks, Jonathan Spillane, Ethan Wilson, Sam Wilson, Kasey Wippenbeck.
Third grade — Jordan Henderson, Marik Kolbasowski, Kane Talbott, Ashlyn Zunk.
Fourth grade — Joseph Caraccio, Tiffany Davis, Abbey Deaton, Morgan Humble, Aaron McGrail, Kolyn Staton, Anna Teague.
Fifth grade — Ava Corriher, Bethany Hogan, Elisabeth Houghton, Jonathan Mosher, Caroline Nance, Abigail Zunk.
Seventh grade — Colby Edmonds, Audrey McGrail, Klara Ogg.
Eighth grade — Caroline Cody, Brittany Gaddis, Mary Kaufmann, Camantha-Rea Lyerly, Breanna Miller.
Ninth grade — Avery McGrail, Jordan Plummer.
Tenth grade — Sarah Lynn Carlton, Brittney Hogan.
Twelfth grade — Emily Boggs, Morgan Bowman, Elisabeth Farmer, Kelsey Greaves, Caitlin Harrison, Jordan Moore, Natalie Whicker.
Hurley Elementary School all-A honor roll for the first quarter.
Second grade — Brooke Vander Pol, Allison Campos, Evan Cleaton, Lucian Mertes, Lanna Blackwell, Amanda Conner, Katherine Evans, Corbin Hales, Stephany Hernandez Cuevas, Grayce Pittman, Rakeem Smith, Landon Spicer, Lillian Trail, Jaden Warren, Randy Scott Webb, Jelani Ziyad and Hannah Waddell.
Third grade — Margaret Laity, Corbin Barber, Katherine Burton, Ashlee Ennis, Dalton Miller, Nathan Zimmerman, Aimee Maly, Ashley Briggs, Charles Brucker, Jared Richardson, Caylyn Roysdon and Katelyn Lentz.
Fourth grade — Angie Hang, Alyssa Huff, Madison McDaniel, Alyssa Alley, Bela Hall, Natalia House, Zoe Poindexter, Alycia Powers, Isiah Tenor, Holly Winn and Marielle Youker.
Fifth grade — Mason Furches, Piper Muire, Jackson Murphy, Austin Shumaker, Megan Grubb, Khai Huynh, Allison Ennis, Kary Hales, Amy Nguyen, Ellen Yang, Meredith Burton, and Taylor Walton.