Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Name: Logan Fox Correll
School: Carson
Sport(s): Soccer, football
Family: Ken, Amanda, Boyd, Jody, Elaine, Glen, Colton and Trinity Correll
Birthday: 3-22-96
My Hidden Talent: Playing saxophone
Personal Motto: Pain heals, chicks dig scars, glory last forever
Favorite Rowan Restaurant: LandMark
Favorite Color: Electric blue
Favorite Animal: Fox
Favorite Class: Sciences
Favorite TV: Counting Cars
Favorite Movies: Anchorman, Fired Up, Nacho Libre
Favorite Team: ManChester United
Favorite Athlete: Wayne Rooney
Hobbies: Playing soccer, chilling with friends
Words that describe me: Funny, athletic, entertaining
Celebrity Dream Date: Ariana Grande
Actor who would star in a movie about my life: Mark Wahlberg
Biggest Rival: South Rowan
My Greatest Accomplishment: Playing varsity sports throughout high school
Prized Possession: Dog Lucky
Career Goals: Not sure yet
If I Become a Millionaire by Age 20, I will: Driving a Orange Dodge Viper TA and be kicking it at some beach with my girl, Jordan VanVoorhis