Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Winston-Salem man landed behind bars Saturday after Rowan County Sheriff’s officers stopped him for driving the wrong way down Statesville Boulevard.
Captain John Sifford said Terry Tatum, 59, of Alamo Drive, had a blood alcohol level of .16, twice the legal limit, when police managed to get him to halt after traveling east in the westbound lane.
Sifford said Master Deputy Craig Earnhardt, who was the first officer to arrive at the scene, moved his car in front of Tatum’s vehicle to get him to stop, but he continued coming at full speed. Earnhardt ended up moving to get out of the way.
Tatum did stop for the second patrol car in his path, Sifford said. At that point, Earnhardt reached into the car and turned off the ignition.
“Earnhardt said the driver appeared to be extremely intoxicated and was not aware of what was going on,” Sifford said.
Police found a fifth E&J Brandy, 3 grams of marijuana, a marijuana cigarette and rolling papers inside Tatum’s car.
Tatum was charged with driving while intoxicated, simple possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, having an open container and consuming while driving.
He has been released from jail after posting a $1,000 bail.