Our nation needs new direction

Published 12:00 am Monday, November 4, 2013

I am disappointed with the people who are not really thinking about what happened in Congress the past few weeks.
Both parties in Congress have failed in carrying out their duties as representatives of the people, and the people have fallen into a trap by believing the polls that do nothing else but allow President Obama to argue for legislation to redistribute wealth. The media, sad to say, are clearly on the president’s side. The president is guilty of separating the people (i.e., the haves vs. the have nots). He is also guilty of not working with Congress to provide viable budgets.
He has failed as a leader of all the people; he has not brought people together, resulting in the divisions that have occurred these past five years of his presidency. The people should avoid the trap set by him, pitting one group against the other. They should get involved by writing their senators and representatives, telling them “enough is enough.” We are tired of government that operates from crisis to crisis.
The president should take charge and stop the divisions between people and within Congress. The president is determined to get his way by forcing Obamacare on the people. The people are at fault for looking to get something for themselves at great cost to their fellow citizens. People must understand that many must work so others receive a share of the revenue from the government. It’s a well-known fact that almost 50 percent of the people receive government benefits in the form of assistance with housing, food and medical care, to be paid by the other half, who also have to bear the burden of millions of illegal immigrants who receive these giveaways at the other half’s expense.
Many Americans fail to realize this is an emergency, and some profound changes should be made.
First, the president must take charge and bring all parties together. He must admit his health plan is apparently in trouble. He should declare a one-year delay instead of trying to enforce a plan that appears impossible to make work. He should lead all parties to come up with an alternative plan that is viable and proactive. It is time for him to take command of a sinking ship.
There are so many problems affecting the American people. The president needs to forget about nation-building around the world and realize he must focus on solving huge problems here at home. He should realize government is too big and out of control. We must get rid of wasteful bureaucracies such as the Department of Homeland Security; the FBI and the CIA are able to handle homeland security. The president also should eliminate the U.S. Department of Education since the 50 states each have their own education departments. We should eliminate all foreign aid. We should get rid of the IRS and Federal Reserve.
We have to save our country from going from crisis to crisis and admit that we can’t afford wasteful government. The president must take control and demand Congress work with him to prevent a catastrophe.
Concerned citizens should realize that drastic measures must be given serious consideration to prevent the country’s predicament from growing worse.
Victor S. Farrah lives in Salisbury.
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