Enjoy ‘One Big Party’ on Saturday

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 31, 2013

Paleface fans can expect to hear a few new tunes when the band takes the stage Saturday at Uncle Buck’s All American Pub & Grub, 127 S. Main St.
The group’s front man, who goes by Paleface, said the show, which starts at 9 p.m., will consist of “mostly songs from the last three albums, plus new songs not yet heard.”
Formed in Brooklyn, the indie-folk duo relocated to Concord in 2007.
“We had friends down here so when we wanted to hit the road and not pay high rents we just moved,” Paleface said.
Paleface and girlfriend Monica “Mo” Samalot, who plays drums and provides backup vocals, have been touring the country ever since, most recently promoting their album “One Big Party.”
They celebrated the release of “One Big Party” at Radio City Music Hall with a special guest performance alongside label-mates and Concord natives The Avett Brothers.
Paleface has released more than a dozen albums during his career and worked with The Avett Brothers on three of their albums.
“(My music) is just an expression of my feelings and I translate it with all different types of energy the best way I know how,” he said. “It’s got blues, folk, rock, punk, singer-songwriter, indie — anything I can use, I use.
“If we play with other musicians I try to play music to their strengths and if it’s just Mo and I it’s all songs and performance.”
The band is currently in the process of writing and recording a new album, but the release date has yet to be determined.
“(We’re) really not rushing it at all,” Paleface said. “I just want to make sure this one is as good as can be.”
Paleface said the audience plays a vital role in how his shows turn out.
“When it’s right, the audience gets up and dances and sings along,” he said. “They have the power to make it a great show or not; when the audience takes the lead, shows are the best.
“… Some audiences want you to do all the work, which we are more than willing to do, but those shows are always more one-sided.”