Author of ‘Tired of’ series at Bookpost Nov. 1

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dicy McCullough’s Tired Book Series now has a fifth book to add to its collection with the release of “Tired of Being Little.” The idea inspired by her students, McCullough based each book around the adventures of a little boy, John Allen, and his dog, Louie. Beginning with the first book, “Tired of My Bath,” each book in the series has a poignant message children can relate to.
As a retired teacher and now children’s author, McCullough understands and knows what children like. Writing her books in rhythm and rhyme, she often hears comments from parents and teachers that children not only enjoy the stories, but love the sound of the words and will read them over and over.
The latest book in the series, “Tired of Being Little,” was written after members of McCullough’s church asked her to include a Bible story. Thinking about which story would fit with the theme of being little, she chose Zachaeus, the wee little man. It’s from Zachaeus that John Allen discovers being little is the best thing for him now, as he will grow up soon enough.
With bullying an issue in today’s culture, the fourth book in the series, “Tired of Being a Bully,” will also be available at the signing. Told through the viewpoint of the puppy, Rocky, this book opens discussions about bullying in a non-threatening way.
In addition to writing children’s books, McCullough also writes a human interest column for the Salisbury Post and a weekly blog on her website, She enjoys doing presentations for churches, schools and organizations, sharing her books and journey as a writer.
McCullough will sign her books at the Literary Bookpost, 110 S. Main St., Friday, Nov. 1, from 5:30-8 p.m.