Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Investigators used dogs and rods to probe the ground at the former home missing teenager Erica Parsons today,
Searchers also returned to home of Erica’s adoptive grandfather, William Parsons.
No details about the searches were disclosed by authorities.
“The use of dogs is one of many investigative tools we are utilizing to find evidence pertaining to the Erica Parsons investigation. No additional details will be released to protect the integrity of an active investigation,” Capt. John Sifford, spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office, wrote in an email.
The search at the grandfather’s property was the third time in two months investigators have been to the China Grove property of William Parsons, who is the father of Sandy Parsons, Erica’s adoptive father.
Erica, 15, has been missing since November 2011 and was reported missing in July by her adoptive brother, James Parsons.
Erica’s adoptive parents, Sandy and Casey Parsons have not been charged in her disappearance but have been the subject of a law enforcement investigation.
The Rowan County Sheriff’s Office has been looking into the teenager’s disappearance and has been assisted by state and federal authorities.
Investigators did not disclose details about what they were looking for at the China Grove home on Monday.
William Parsons confirmed the Monday search that he says took place just after noon. Investigators asked to search a field behind his home and he gave consent, Parsons told a Post reporter.
He told investigators to “come and do what you want,” he said. They were on the property about an hour.
“I did not know what they were looking for. I stayed in the house,” he said.
Parsons also said he doesn’t know if investigators found anything.
No search warrants have been filed, according to the Rowan County Clerk of Court’s Office. Because William Parsons gave consent to search his property, a warrant isn’t necessary.
Investigators searched Williams Parsons’ property two months ago and several items were seized.
In August, investigators looked in a storage shed that belonged to Sandy Parsons and took a hammer, baby teeth, school records and pieces of vacuum equipment.
Sandy and Casey Parsons have said they allowed a then 13-year-old Erica to live with a woman they knew as her biological grandmother, Irene “Nan” Goodman. Investigators and family have said Goodman does not exist.