William Parsons: Sandy, Casey don’t have permission to sell house

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 19, 2013

A “for sale” sign has gone up in the front yard of the Miller Chapel Road home where a teen who’s been missing for nearly two years lived with her adoptive family.
But the person who owns the home says it isn’t for sale.
Sandy and Casey Parsons have been in the public spotlight since Erica Lynn Parsons, 15, was reported missing July 30 by her adoptive brother, James Parsons. Erica was last seen in Rowan County in November 2011.
The Parsonses say Erica went to live with a woman they knew as her biological grandmother, Irene “Nan” Goodman. Investigators say Goodman doesn’t exist and that the Parsonses haven’t provided truthful information.
Local, state and federal authorities have been looking into Erica’s disappearance for nearly two months. They searched the Miller Chapel Road property as well as a storage building owned by the Parsonses.
The for sale sign lists the three-bedroom, two-bath house with an $80,000 asking price, which is $28,000 less than the property was valued in 2012 .
According to the Rowan County Register of Deeds, Sandy’s father, William Steven Parsons, of China Grove, owns the property at 218 Miller Chapel Road. William Parsons told a Post reporter he did not give his son and daughter-in-law permission to put the house up for sale.
William Parsons bought the home in April 2011. The home had gone into foreclosure in October 2010.
He said he doesn’t know why his son and daughter-in-law would put a for sale sign on the front lawn of the property, but was aware of it.
“They can’t sell the house,” he said.
Casey Parsons told WBTV’s David Whisesant she could prove she had an agreement to buy the home from her father-in-law.
A local attorney, not involved with the case, told the Post the couple couldn’t legally sell the property, but that it is possible Casey and Sandy were renting the property with the intent to at some point own the property. It is not clear if the Parsonses had an agreement with William Parsons to sell the home.
William admits there’s some friction between him, his son, Sandy, and daughter-in-law, Casey.
William Parsons said he has no immediate plans to sell the house, but he may rent it.
Sandy and Casey have reportedly moved to Fayetteville. Sandy Parsons was seen Monday with a family member moving yard pavers.
As of Wednesday morning the home appeared empty with the exception of a few yard items including a shovel that was propped against the front of the home.