6 Tips for the new iOS7 for Iphone

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 19, 2013

Things are different now if you have upgraded to the new iphone operating system. If you need or want to update, just simply navigate over to: Settings > General > Software Update.
You will instantly see the change, with new fonts, a new look and new controls. Some pop-up instructions will show up when you use an app for the first time as well. (Very handy)
6 Tips:

1. Invert your colors: Settings > General > Accessibility > Invert Colors

This will change your background to black and the text to white. It also makes the icons different and more colorful. Not my style, even though I love black.
2. LED Flash for Alerts: Settings > General > Accessibilty > LED Flash for Alerts
If you miss your blinking blackberry. Well now your iphone can blink all day and night long as well.
3. To turn off your open apps: Double click your HOME button (that one lonely button on the bottom of the screen)
On the old OS you would hold an icon, then they would “jiggle” with an minus sign above them. Simply click and you can close the open applications. With the new iOS7, you still can double click the home button, but now the icons show up, along with a preview of the app above it. To close the app, just swipe up! Violá, closed! You can also switch between open applications this way.
4. itunes Radio: Music App
Taking a page from Pandora, itunes now offers a radio option. You can listen to a genre or pick an artist and it will play that artist and similar ones. You can also purchase songs directly from the radio if you fall in love with a song. Smart move Apple!
5. Sharing options have been enhanced
Click on your new rainbow flower photo icon, choose a photo, click on share (small rectangle with an arrow above it) A slew of choices will pop up. Including some new choices like: AirDrop and AirPlay. AirPlay works with other Apple devices like AppleTV. AirDrop lets you send another AirDrop user your items, and you don’t have to touch phones 😉
6. A new control center: When your phone is unlocked, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to the top.
The control center will pop up allowing you to control options that used to only be available by navigating the settings menu. Airplane mode, brightness, flashlight and more. Could be very handy, time will tell!

These six are just a small portion of the changes, let me know your favorite or hated new features.
— LJ Humphrey, Salisbury Post Digital Media
PS: Since you are most likely an iphone user, did you know Apple also has a take-back policy on power adapters? Click here for the story.
Thanks to David Overcash for the correction – appreciate it.