Man charged with poisoning neighbor’s two dogs

Published 12:00 am Monday, September 16, 2013

A western Rowan County man was charged with animal cruelty, authorities said, after he poisoned his neighbor’s two dogs.
Rocky Rose, 30, of 120 block of Ashcraft Drive, was charged Sept. 12 with two counts felony animal cruelty.
Deputies with the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office were called to the home of Samuel Harm Wright, of the 130 block of Ashcraft Drive, where Wright told them he believed his neighbor had something to do with the death of his two black Labrador retrievers.
Officials say there was an ongoing dispute between the neighbors regarding the dogs. Rose had mentioned not being able to go outside with friends because the dogs always barked.
Wright told investigators he believed there was some tension between the two following an incident about a year ago. A cat belonging to Rose wandered onto Wright’s property and was accidentally killed by Wright’s dogs. Wright said at the time Rose accepted blame for letting the cat roam outside without supervision.
On Aug. 26, Wright said, he heard the dogs barking early in the morning, and when he went outside he saw the dogs by his neighbor’s fence. Wright saw the neighbor, Rose, come from his house and head to the fence with a pot, a report said.
Two days later on Aug. 28, Wright said he had to take his dogs to the vet after they became sick. The veterinarian told Wright the dogs were poisoned with antifreeze. Wright discovered bits of dog food by the fence and dead grass on his property and his neighbor’s property near the fence.
Wright had to euthanize one dog and the other dog died at Wright’s home days later. Rose was arrested Sept. 12 and placed in the Rowan County Detention Center under a $500 secured bond. He has since been released.
In August 2010, Samuel Wright was charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty after shooting a dog. Wright said the neighbor’s dog constantly came on his property even after several warnings to the neighbor.
A neighbor said at the time she was watching the dog for a friend and let the dog out of the house to relieve itself. The neighbor said she heard gunshots a few minutes later. She said she tried to render aid to the dog, but the dog died shortly after being shot. Wright was convicted in October 2010 with misdemeanor animal cruelty.
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