Romance and children’s authors to sign books

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 15, 2013

Two authors with completely different books will be at Literary Bookpost Saturday. Margot Sloan will sign her romance novel “In That Moment,” and Karen Matthews will sign her children’s book, “The Legend of Lizard Lick: A North Carolina Folktale.” Both are North Carolina authors.
Margot Sloan’s debut novel, “In That Moment,” explores the power of a single moment — “an instant when an event occurs or a decision is made that forever alters one’s path,” according to a press release. The story chronicles the life of Anne McLeod, a North Carolina native, from her days as a law student at Duke University in 1987 to her move to New York City in 1996 to work for a law firm in the World Trade Center.
By 2001, professionally successful and surrounded by loyal friends, Anne seems to have it all. But in spite of an abundant and seemingly fulfilling lifestyle, Anne feels hollow. Maybe it was her inability to make a meaningful romantic connection or maybe it was the loss she endured several years prior, but at 38 years old, Anne feels isolated. And she’s still haunted by memories of a love lost 14 years prior during her days at Duke.
In the spring of 2001, while attending the wedding of a friend, Anne unexpectedly encounters that old love, Kevin Sheehan, and the passion is reignited. But the forces that drove them apart in 1987 still exist and Anne realizes that to embark on a relationship with Kevin requires a huge personal sacrifice — one she is willing to make. But in fall 2001, the terrorist attacks on New York City create a life-altering event so Kevin and Anne must again re-evaluate their future together. Has this disaster actually created an opportunity? And if that opportunity is taken, what will Anne now have to risk?
“I grew up in Graham, in a family as close to being the Cleavers as any I’ve ever known (for those of you who don’t remember “Leave It To Beaver,” the modern correlation would be … well there’s no modern equivalent — the Cleavers simply aren’t interesting enough for TV anymore),” Sloan writes in the release. “From my uncomplicated childhood, I went on to Appalachian State University and graduated with a B.S. in English. Immediately after graduation, I moved to Hilton Head, S.C., and that’s where the craziness began (or maybe it was before that, I can’t exactly remember).”
Sloan continues, “But all that fun finally wore me out and, exhausted, I returned to North Carolina in the early nineties. That is when I met and married my husband and settled into normalcy with three step-children …
“So the children grew up and moved on and I occupied myself with home projects, mundane chores and a nine-to-five job, constantly asking the question ‘Is this it?’ And on a whim in early 2012 I began to write my first manuscript with only a seed of a story and no idea where it would go. And bit by bit, I found great satisfaction in creating a story and characters over whom I had complete control. It was like nothing in real life. In the world of fantasy, you can do anything, go anywhere (geographically and emotionally), be anybody. In fantasy land, if it’s Daniel Craig that you want, you can simply have him; there’s no Rachel Weisz standing in your way. Needless to say, writing has been the most liberating thing that I have ever done.”
She will be at the Bookpost on Saturday, Sept. 21, 1-3 p.m. to sign her books. Her website is
Matthews will sign from 11 a.m.-2 p.m.
This whimsical illustrated children’s book starring a charming cast of frogs and lizards is a “made for children” fictional tale about the origin of the community of Lizard Lick in North Carolina. The author came up with idea when her children asked about the name. The real story involves lizards licking up moonshine, so she didn’t want to tell them that.
Matthews is a technical writer who has also done several unpublished screenplays. On her blog, she offers a teaching guide to use the book in school.
Josh Taylor created the illustrations. Kids will be able to figure out the different lizards and toads. Children are encouraged to come meet the author. This is the season opening of The Literary BookPost kids’ book club, Rowan Reads.