Published 12:00 am Friday, September 13, 2013

Rowan UW ‘raised here, stays here’
Your 2013 Rowan County United Way Campaign is off and running!
As one of many volunteers, I had the pleasure of attending the United Way kickoff celebration on Sept. 6. More than 180 local citizens, volunteers and supporters jammed the Agricultural Center to officially and enthusiastically begin this year’s campaign.
The Salisbury Kiwanis Club hosted and helped to sponsor the annual event. Special guests included representatives from the city of Salisbury and Rowan County, the 15 United Way agencies, the United Way cabinet and board, and Livingstone and Catawba colleges. The Livingstone College Gospel choir rocked the house with their rendition of “99 and a Half Won’t Do!”
Campaign Chairman Jim Duncan rallied the crowd when he announced the campaign goal of $1.825 million and the campaign theme of “Raised Here. Stays Here!” Last year, more than 72,000 Rowan County adults and children benefited from the services provided by the United Way agencies.
This year’s campaign kickoff was described as one of the biggest and best in the history of our United Way. We sincerely thank Chairman Duncan, the United Way staff and volunteers for helping to generate the excitement and enthusiasm which will make this year’s campaign a success.
Now, it’s your turn! We hope everyone will join us in supporting the United Way. Thank you for making a difference in Rowan County.

— Ronald L. Smith


Our own choices
There have been little bits and pieces chopped off the American liberty whereas we once had a voice to speak as we liked and the freedom to make our own decisions. In regards to the president’s health care plan, it might be a good idea that everyone has coverage, and it probably would be if the coverage were affordable.
However, it should be every American citizen’s choice whether they want to make a purchase from anyone who’s selling or offering something to buy, without consequences following if someone chooses not to buy.
Mr. President, in order for you to understand the rebuttal with so many American people against your plan, you need to know where we stand. The enforcement of this health-care plan will create a financial domino effect that will spiral a lot of people’s livelihoods downward that cannot afford it. Those who made the decision to buy a home or car and send their kids to college may have to abandon their plan because of being forced to take something without making their own decision.
All banks, small loan companies and car dealers, etc. — if you think you’re hearing sob stories now on the payment due date, you better load up on your tissue.
I don’t wish for impeachment against you, Mr. President, but I do wish to regain my freedom to choose and make my own decision.
— Johnny Worth Sr.



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