Casey, Sandy Parsons meet with DSS, attorney

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sandy and Casey Parsons unsuccessfully tried to talk with investigators this afternoon after a court hearing, their lawyer said.

Carlyle Sherrill said his clients were at his office today following a meeting with Rowan DSS to talk with law enforcement.

The couple have been the subject of an investigation into the disappearance of their adopted daughter, Erica Lynn Parsons, who has been missing for nearly two years.

Erica, 15, was last seen in November 2011, but was just reported missing by her adoptive brother, James Parsons.

The couple met this morning at the Rowan Department of Social Services for a family planning meeting where they were to discuss the kinship custody placement of their two youngest children.

Shortly after local investigators began looking into Erica’s disappearance, Rowan DSS officials removed the two youngest children, Sadie and Toby, from the couple’s home on Miller Chapel Road.

Sandy and Casey have said they let Erica stay with her biological grandmother, Irene Goodman, whom they knew as Nan. Investigators and other family have said Irene Goodman does not exist.

The Parsonses were let into the building through a rear door, which is usually locked, and they were inside for about an hour. Upon leaving, Sandy Parsons did not respond to questions from the media and drove around to the front of the building to pick up Casey. The two then headed to Carlyle Sherrill’s office.

Sherrill said his clients were supposed to talk with investigators, including local authorities, to provide information. Sherrill said Parsonses were cooperating with investigators.

However, the meeting did not happen because of scheduling conflicts, Sherrill said.

He said the couple is hopeful they will get their children back.

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