Aldermen to consider changes to proposed garbage rules

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 8, 2013

SPENCER — As Spencer aldermen consider new rules that could fine residents for not storing their rollout trash can properly, town staff researched similar ordinances in other towns and cities.
The Spencer Board of Aldermen will talk trash at 7 p.m. Tuesday in Town Hall.
Town staff reworded Spencer’s proposed ordinance, which generated spirited debate last month, to allow people who have garbage service on Mondays to put their garbage cans at the curb on Sunday.
The new draft ordinance also specifies cans should be stored out of sight “where possible,” but not “as far as practical” from the front of a house.
People who live on a corner lot would have a hard time storing a garbage cart completely out of sight of a public right-of-way, staff said.
Staff also recommended a $25 civil citation for the first offense but will change the amount to $50 if board members prefer, the memo said.
In their research, staff found the following:
• Other than Salisbury, which has a fine of $25, and the town of Wendell, where the civil citation is $50, no other municipalities that were studied fine residents for leaving rollout carts at the curb too long or storing them improperly.
• While some towns specify “out of sight,” many do not specify where cans should be stored.
• All towns that were studied allowed placement of garbage carts at the curb the night before pickup, starting from no earlier than dusk to 7 p.m.
Also on Tuesday’s agenda:

• Reports from department heads
• Report from Town Manager Larry Smith
• Report from Mayor Jody Everhart
• Public Comment

• Request to waive the Library Park use fee for the Michael Yang Foundation
• Proposed ordinance on public festivals and special events

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