Something squirrelly is going on here

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 29, 2013

“In the Still of the Night,” the thief comes calling, taking what he wants and cleaning out the possessions of the owner.
No! Wait! That’s not correct.

He comes in the bold light of the day with no concern of being caught. He shows no remorse, only confidence that he will get his sunflower seeds from the bird feeder. He is athletic in his climbing abilities. He can make aerobic moves like hanging upside down and eating. How can he swallow food while upside down? How does he get the food to go down? I mean, go up.
To climb a painted wrought iron pole with his toenails digging into the iron should not be possible. He shouldn’t be able to hug an iron pole with his feet.
He bullies the birds away from the feeder. Hey! It’s the bird’s feeder, but they clear out for the seed thief. He’s bigger, stronger and not willing to compromise as he infringes on the bird’s rights. He is a messy eater with no manners, throwing smaller seeds out of the feeder to get to the juicier sunflower seed. Not only is he a thief, he is guilty of vandalism as well.
This crook’s little beady black eyes stare right into the camera lens and dare the lens to shoot his photo. He doesn’t like the click, but he holds his ground and continues eating. Only as the camera moves closer does he retreat down the iron pole and shuffles at top speed to the nearest maple tree. In the safety of the tree’s limbs, he looks back at the camera and flirts with amusement and boasting arrogance at getting away with his crime.
I really do get mad at that squirrel thief on my bird feeder, but he knows I can’t resist his beauty and his intelligence. He knows we will meet again another day and have great respect for each other, camera lens and squirrel.