Light at the end of the tunnel

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 29, 2013

Have you ever been to a point that you think, “am I ever going to get there?”
Whether its personal, business, psychological or physiological I believe most adults have experienced this.
As I mentioned I am “down” with my neck again. All those wonderful years of top sports are “paying off!”
But there is a light!

I met with Dr. Roy (a neurosurgeon in town) and his staff. They made me feel so wonderful.
My neck is in bad shape, which I knew, and surgery is set. I never thought I would be looking forward to surgery like I am now.
I had a fusion of my C6-7 six years ago and remember the relief I got after the surgery when the disc was removed and took the pressure off the nerves.
I am writing this because I have finally come to understand why there are people who get addicted to pain pills and even alcohol because of pain.
I don’t do heavy pain medicine well; I get sick to my stomach and I would rather be in pain versus nauseous/ sick.
I take a pain medicine that will “take the edge of,” and as a good European girl does, I have one small glass of red wine at night.
Fortunately in my case, I am a “light weight.” Two glasses of an alcoholic beverage is all I can handle, or else I get sick!
But this experience has made me understand the people who truly take meds and/or alcohol for the pains they suffer.
Pain is something most people would not wish on their worst enemy. There are so many people who are dealing with these pains, and I want you to know that I feel for you and really understand.
What I do is put things in perspective (I am always a positive creature at heart). I really was in a lot of nerve pain, and I already know that two of my discs are compressing my spinal cord. That is fixable (Thank you Dr. Roy!); but I met someone at the YMCA who has an autoimmune disease. This person is a trooper and my hero. No matter what, this person continues to fight to keep moving forward, pain or no pain.
This person made my “issue” look like nothing, and I was thankful that I “only” had to deal with this.
If you are dealing with physical pain constantly, have a doctor or multiple doctors check it out.
Is it fixable? Are there things you can do to help the cause? Such as weight loss, eating healthier, exercise and physical therapy.
Can a chiropractor give you relief, or a reflexologist? How about massage?
I have done all of those, and at times in my life it did amazing things and gave me lots of relief and helped me recover from many injuries.
One thing I have not done yet is acupuncture. I know enough people who have gotten great relief from it, especially with inflammation.
In my case something is pressing on my nerves and it needs to “come off.”
I feel your pain. Constant aggravating pain brings you down, not only your body but also your spirit and soul.
There are so many things we can do to help our cause. Listen to your doctors, your physical therapists, chiropractors, reflexologists and massage therapists.
A healthy lifestyle will help significantly; exercise does miracles and determination is priceless.
For the ones who know they depend on pain meds too much, there are ways, other than pills and alcohol that can give you some relief.
Even though I understand why you want to “forget” your pain, your body is your temple, right? If you are not treating it right, who will?
Ester H Marsh ACSM Cpt.