Published 12:00 am Monday, July 29, 2013

Regarding the July 26 letter “Compassion is lacking”:
Jack Burke makes some serious accusations concerning his version of the Tea Party and Republicans in North Carolina. As a member of a local TEA Party and having a close association with multiple Tea Party groups across the state, I can attest that Jack is either ignorant or ill informed concerning the TEA Party and its positions.
First, let’s look at unemployment. Jack has a problem with the unemployment benefits being cut back in order to help repay the federal government. Let me put it simply. There are jobs out there to be obtained. Unfortunately, many (not all) choose to not work. When I taught high school, I found kids who were third or fourth generation welfare babies. When offered jobs, the parents scoffed and laughed. In regards to scripture, try 2 Thessalonians 3:10 “The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.”
Medicaid: Jack seems to think we should look to the Good Samaritan as an example. I agree. The Good Samaritan paid for the medical care of the man who was beaten. Note, it was not the government or an insurance pool that paid for his health care. The Samaritan was just an average citizen who voluntarily took care of someone in need. If Uncle Sam would get out of our pockets, we might have the money to do the same. If 10 percent was good enough for Jesus, it ought to be enough for Uncle Sam.
Voter ID: Jack says the evil, blood sucking Republicans want to force the homebound elderly poor living on Social Security travel out in the cold and hurricanes to get an ID. In truth, the bill has provisions enabling the homebound to get an ID card without a personal appearance.
Jack, why not come out to our local Tea Party meetings and see what we are about instead of taking your talking points from the Huffington Post and
— Rick Johnson


Eric Holder, the only attorney general ever to face indictment, says “stand your ground” laws are unnecessary and cause more violence than they prevent. Perhaps so, but it’s the right kind of violence, where people defend themselves against criminals. Holder, Obama and other liberals always take the side of the criminals. Al Capone would have been a better attorney general.
Before North Carolina had this law, a homeowner whose residence was invaded had to flee to the farthest end of the house before offering a defense.
Holder speaks of an “age-old requirement to retreat.” That has been the problem with crime in the United States — know-nothings like Holder inventing laws. Did he ever read the Bible? “If a man cometh forth to slay you, rise up first and slay him.” That’s the age-old law of English and U.S. self-defense.
Liberals speak of a “Wild West mentality.” We would be better off in the Wild West days. At the OK Corral shootout, only three people died, and three were wounded. In Obama’s adopted hometown of Chicago, on July 18, six were murdered and 17 wounded (NBC news). The difference between Chicago and the Old West? People in Chicago aren’t supposed to have guns.
Holder is also still pushing for gun registration, despite allowing 2,500 AK47s to be sold into Mexico, resulting in countless deaths there, including one border patrol officer.
In the Trayvon Martin case, the media cited racial problems, conveniently overlooking that Zimmerman was Hispanic. Obama talks a good game but has failed to stop the flood of illegals streaming across the border and has released more than 2,000 illegals from U.S. prisons. How many more deaths will this cause?
Finally, as to race problems, it’s reported that 93 percent of blacks killed are murdered by other blacks, and yet Holder and Obama want to deny them guns to protect themselves. What a team.
— W.F. Owens