Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Saturday, I watched NBC Nightly News covering the Trayvon Martin rallies. Reporter Michelle Franzen said that the stand your ground law was “at the heart of George Zimmerman’s defense.” That’s beyond bias; it’s outright lying. The controversial law was not invoked in this case.
I watched MSNBC’s coverage of the Zimmerman verdict. Some hosts said that the jury was racist. Others argued that the jurors weren’t racist, but simply victims of peer pressure. These jurors knew they’d have to return home to their pro-Zimmerman communities and face their neighbors.
If you think this sounds reasonable, it isn’t; otherwise it could apply in all cases, meaning our entire jury system is flawed and should be replaced with dictators.
I watched CNN’s Don Lemon host an interesting discussion about racism. Until now, I’d never understood why the “N” word is used so freely on television. Now I know. Black liberals may freely use the word, because it’s a term of endearment. White liberals may use the word, but preferably only when blacks are present. Conservatives (regardless of race) aren’t allowed to use it, period. That’s fine, though; true conservatives find the word vile, disgusting and unnecessary (much like Don’s entire discussion).
I watched the Trayvon rallies on TV Saturday. I know that the demonstrators are mostly honest, sincere people; they’ve just been manipulated by the same corrupt media that ignored dozens of blacks, including seven children, who were murdered in Chicago while the Zimmerman trial was in progress; victims of black on black violence.
The FBI investigated Zimmerman beforehand and found he’s not one bit racist. Yet the witch-hunt continues. Yes, there will always be racists; but if black liberals ever learn what black conservatives already know, the media will have much explaining to do.
(P.S. To the lady in the Rockwell McDonald’s drive-thru Sunday morning who paid for the customer behind her — thank you so much. Your thoughtfulness won’t be forgotten.)
— Steve Pender

The New York Times editorial “The decline of North Carolina” blames the present economic chaos in Raleigh on the party of Lincoln and Reagan, lambasting North Carolinians for diversity of political thought. Ironically, the decline of this bastion of yellow journalism is second only to the decline of the New York public school system.
Using talking points from and “The Dukes of Hazzard” as resource material, these purveyors of propaganda have stereotyped the almighty’s annointed as gun-totin’ rednecks with speech impediments. If lucky, this cesspool of narrow-minded, ill-mannered Yankees will become carpetbaggers, escape their crime and pollution and retire in North Carolina!
— Joe Exum

Snow Hill